The 15th ZX14 run from Pretoria to Loskopdam 24 June 2012.

Once again after the longer run to Pienaarsrivier, we have done a much more longer run to Loskopdam and back. Total distance 500 kilo's plus! Thank you to Andre, Mariazanne, Deon en Susan, Collin and his son Justin for a lovely day and company!

We left Mean Machine in Pretoria like 0830 after a coffee and biscuit provided by Mean Machine.

Thank you to the owner of Mean Machine Francois for opening the shop for us and using the facilities before we left for Loskopdam.

Francois also offered me to take the 2012 zx14 in stead of my own zx14 and I took the offer with open hands. What a smooth zx14! Sleak, soft, fast and it was just a pleasure to ride the newly launched 2012 zx14.

The route was via Que serra, Bronkhorstspruit to Groblersdal. From Groblersdal we took the direction towards Rubyriverresort a very nice resort between the Loskopdam and Groblersdal.

Excellent view on the Olifantsriver! Very nice service and affordable menu prices!

We quickly visited the dam wall and return back to Groblersdal to fuel up the zx14's.

Then the route back to Pretoria via Bronkhorstspruit, Cullinan, Rayton, Lynnwood and Centurion.

Only one thing bothered me regarding this run! It was the afternoon traffic on the route back! 

Enjoy the photos.

Where to next?



Pta 15th ZX14 Loskopdam

Pta 14th ZX14 Breakfast Run Pienaarsrivier

 9th GP ZX14 Breakfast Run 26 June 2011-06-29

Approximately 7 x ZX14 owners registered for this run, however only four arrived.

All is understandable, because who can believe the weather buro in SA?

According to them, the weather story was negative and of course very cold. Indeed it was cold, but the wind was not blowing and the day turned out to be one of the greatest for an excellent zx14 run. We also departure around 0900 and the weather turned out perfect. But I always say, if you start the breakfast run too late, the wind will catch up with you.

As it is supposed to be, the run turned out exactly what it was meant for: meeting new people, making friends, enjoying the zx14 and alike.

We met the president of another bike club in our area and it was just good to chat with him and his experiences regarding their bike club. He is a proud owner of a ZX14 and will also be registered soon on our database of members.

We would like to say thank you to Abrie and Ernst from Kawasaki Lifestyle Centre in Centurion for providing us with a cup of coffee. We will certainly use them once again for a starting venue.

We initially wanted to visit a game lodge close to rust De Winter, but because of the cold weather, we decided to head for Cullinan, but we made use of a totally different route. In total we covered 250 kilos of fun.

When we arrived at the Premier Hotel, we all ordered a glass of sherry, but alas, not too long and two glasses were spilt over. We then changed to the coffee and breakfast. See the piccies for proof.

We are looking forward to the next run. Keep an eye on the website calendar.


9th GP Breakfast Run 26 June 2011

 8th GP ZX14 Breakfast Run 13 March 2011-03-15

One thing that keeps on popping up in my mind is how this particular run was fast. Yes the route allowed us to open throttle for long stretches. The group consisted of only 8 x zx14’s. We expected to be 12 in total. Thank you all who attended this run. Your presence makes this group dynamic! Thank you Barbara for your valuable contribution regarding the venues and sponsorships.

We met up at Mean Machine Kawasaki Dealer in Menlyn Pretoria. Thank you to the personnel of Mean Machine in Pretoria. They provided early snacks for us hungry zx14 Owners. It was not only coffee and rusks, but delicious chocalate doughnuts too. It was noticeable how the members took the opportunity to walk through the motorbike stock on the floor, while enjoying a cup of coffee. Thank you to Owen, Elaine and Paul from Mean Machine for the friendly welcome at your premises.

Paul, the person in charge of accessories at Mean Machine, also joined us with a black zx14 on our run. Thank you for your attendance and please be welcome to join us next time again.

From Mean Machine in Pretoria, we left for Bronkhorstspruit via the Welbekend road. At Bronkhorstspruit we turned left for Ekandustria and from there to Cullinan. At the turnoff to Ekandustria, Jean and his wife Linda from Witbank in Mphumalanga, joined us. From Cullinan we went for the Moloto, Roodeplaat Dam area and we stopped at Bush Rock Lodge in Kameeldrift where we enjoyed a good breakfast. Bush Rock is an awesome venue. We had ample parking for the bikes and we took the opportunity to take photos of all the zx14’s parked in the usual manner that we are so known to at this stage.

A lot of photos were taken during this event, all to view on the website

Thank you to the members who contributed more in cash towards the club funds. Some of these funds will be allocated to our charity project. See website newsletters for more detail regarding the charity project.

8th GP ZX14 Run 13 march 2011

 Gauteng Province 7th zx14 breakfast run DNA motorcycles to Magaliesburg Hotel

Once again thank you and appreciation to all ZX14 owners who joined this 7th ZX14 breakfast run. We ended up with 17 x ZX14’s together. There was also a strong contingent from the Vaal Triangle.

 I mentioned before we started the event, that the presence of each and everyone, who attended this gathering, makes this ZX14 Owners group a dynamic group!

Again we would like to say thank you to DNA Motorcycles for hosting the starting venue. They provided us with needed hot coffee and biscuits. Thank you to Andrew and Trevor from DNA Motorcycles, situated in Florida Glen, who welcomed us at the premises of DNA. Dean also sponsored us with cash.

The weather prevailed, although we started off on a cold morning like winter.

Marc Giltrow from Xclusive Print, sponsored the laser engraving on the Ninja throwing knives, that were handed out to each ZX14 Owner who attended the breakfast run. We also would like to say thank you to Marc for sponsoring the handout gifts at the Magaliesburg Hotel.

The end venue, namely Magaliesburg Hotel, was a good choice. Surely the Magaliesburg Hotel will be visited by the ZX14 Owners once again. We were warmly welcomed by their staff and the breakfast buffet was superb. I must admit, the biggest omelettes I have ever seen, are the omelettes of this Magaliesburg Hotel.

Thank you to Leon from CMA, who opened our event with prayer.

Thank you to Jaco Wilken, from Ruimsig Pharmacy for his cash sponsorship.

Then something, which is highly appreciated, happened! The Club received cash donations from the attendees, to the amount of over R400-00 for future use. We will display this result in the money matters of the club for everyone to view.

One aspect that we definitely know is working is the fact that we ask members to submit on the website if they will attend the breakfast run or not. Surely it does help with admin, money matters and organizing of these types of events.

Enjoy the photos and see you at the next breakfast run. Keep an eye on our website and in particular the events calendar. 
7th GP Breakfast Run Oct 2010

Thank you all who attended the 6th zx14 run from Krugersdorp to Cullinan.

In one sentence:

It was great and successful!

We were 26 x zx14’s together.

Thanks to Leon who opened our event in prayer.

Thank you Frank and Elize from Xratedbikes in Krugersdorp! Thank you for your support and for hosting the run from your shop.

Thank you Deon and Management from Premier Hotel in Cullinan for the kind manner they always welcome us the Premier Hotel in Cullinan. The live entertainment was just great! The breakfast is always sublime. Be sure we will keep on visiting your venue.

The run itself was awesome, safe and I am sure that all the zx14’s riding together makes the heads of bystanders turning when we pass. It was a busy morning from the start to the end of the run. I just wish we could all chat more during breakfast, but surely we can keep on making up for lost chatting with our future events.


6th GP ZX14 Breakfast Run 15 Aug 2010


5th zx14 breakfast run Stonehaven /Heidelberg 07 March 2010

First things first-this day/run/effort dedicated to Johan Pretorius  zx14 owner Sasolburg.

I asked Johan to take the lead with this run, reason being we were not that familiar with the Vaaltriangle routes and it worked out just fantastic.

This time around we were more zx14’s together compared to the 4th ride we had. We were 14 zx14 owners who gathered at the Blockhouse on route R59. Once again thank you to Corrie and his wife Mariaan, who joined us all the way from Pietersburg!

Thank you Mark Joubert, ZX14 owner and good friend of mine, who opened our event with prayer the way we are use to do.

Thank you Andre Fourie who just joined to come and say hallo to the rest of us, highly appreciated.

What an awesome day it was. The route was just perfect with one or two potholes that we managed with success .The sunshine and Highveld weather was just ordered for this event of ours. The ride was fast from Stonehaven to Heidelberg.

Stonehaven? What a surprise it was for me. We were welcomed by Stonehaven in a professional way . Small things that count were noticeable like the welcome boards printed with our club’s name zx14 owners onto it. Even the menus were printed with our clubs name on it. What a surprise because we did not ask Stonehaven for this type of detail, but well done Stonehaven management. The tables were prepared in style. This is the way I like it-a high standard of service.  I will visit Stonehaven again! Thank you Wendy from Stonehaven who made the booking for us.

Have a look once more at the project of Michelle, one of our lady zx14 owners, who is involved in a good course project in cooperation with Think Bike. Details of her project to see on this website. 

Thank you to each and ervery one who joined this morning for this breakfast run with the zx14's.For me it was definitely worth it and I enjoyed the run and looking forward to the next one. 

5th GP ZX14 Breakfast Run March 2010

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