4th VT Major Breakfast Run on 21 August 2011


I stand amazed when I witness 20 ZX14’s scintillating in the sun. Thank you all very much for making this run the biggest ever of all Vaal Triangle runs. It was a great pleasure to meet so many new ZX14 friends and thanks to all the old fateful friends for joining us on this run. This is truly an exceptional club.


Many thanks go to Francios Heidenrych for organizing this event for us. The route was well planned for our specific needs. The run was opened in God’s name and we prepared for a thrilling ride towards Harties.


Thanks again to DNA Motorcycles for warmly receiving us with coffee and biscuits. It is easy to see why DNA is such a huge name in motorcycling circles. Thanks guys for opening your venue so many times to us. DNA motorcycles can be reached on: 

Website: http://www.dnamotorcycles.co.za
Email: info@dnamotorcycles.co.za
Contact: +27 (0) 11 472 6434
Show Room: Clearview Village, Corner Hendrik Potgieter and Gordon Road, Florida Glen, Gauteng.


We left DNA on the Hendrik Potgieter towards Harties having to tame the beasts while negotiating the Joburg traffic. The road was well maintained which inspired confidence. Finally the karoo like open road invited us to relax the grip on the throttle and allow it to flow towards its natural open position. I smiled.


We arrived at Amazingwe Lodge where a big buffet breakfast and lots of coffee were waiting for us. Thank you to the staff of Amazingwe for welcoming us to your venue. We enjoyed the breakfast and everybody had a great time! Amazingwe can be contacted at  www.amanzingwe.co.za  or Telephone: (012) 205 - 8600
Physical Address:
Plot 339
Pelindaba Road
North West Province

The next Vaal Triangle event will be the ZX14 Marketing Day on the 22 October 2011 in Vereeniging where we are going to kuier and put our bikes on display for everybody to see. Let’s call it the Big Brag. The 5th VT Breakfast Run is also planned for 30 October 2011. As always I am open to suggestions for these events.

Thank you all very much for your support and commitment. Ride safely

Johan Pretorius
Vaal Triangle Leader
083 320 7716


Vaal Triangle 3 major breakfast run - 29/5/2011

On a cold morning on the 29th of May, 6 brave bikers and 1 pillion got together for the 3rd major Vaal Triangle Breakfast run!

We met at Blockhouse and enjoyed a quick Wimpy coffee to get the freezing blood flowing again!  Then I took the lead to Deneysville Croc Ranch. From the turnoff to Deneysville we had an open and inviting road to test the speed limits of the ZX14's! We arrived at Croc Ranch where we met 3 other ZX14 riders, bringing the ZX14's to a total number of 9 at the venue. We had some lekker chat time before we order breakfast from the menu.  This informal way worked well for the guys since everybody could order to their liking! 

After a long session relaxing in the sun, we took the bikes in the direction of Heidelberg, from where we split up in our various directions.

A message that came through clearly was that the guys wanted more runs. So, watch this space!

Thank you for the 6 brave bikers and 1 pillion who attended and made it an enjoyable event!

Johan Pretorius
083 320 7716 

2nd VT ZX14 Breakfast Run 23 January 2011


Bravo to all ZX14 members for making this run one of the most memorable ones yet. The Vaal Triangle ZX14 group are well established now and growing fast. Thanks to all the GP members for attending the run.


CIT VAAL, our starting venue really pulled out all the stops. We were met with gazebos which provided well deserved shade for the bikes. We enjoyed coffee and biscuits at their in-house restaurant and had the opportunity to view the shop’s attractive content. Well done Jaco and thanks for the warm welcome!


From CIT in Vanderbijlpark we left for Potchefstroom. We passed Sasolburg going to Parys where the guys took the opportunity to test the ZX14’s rev limiter. Past Parys we were met with The Dome area’s winding roads through the hills which offered the solution of getting rid of the flat area on the back tyre. The fast sweeping turns were met with eager ZX14 riders and they did not disappoint.


We arrived at The Ranch Jaart Restaurant in Potch where we were welcomed by the biggest buffet breakfast ever. Thank you Thys for preparing an excellent outdoor breakfast for us.  


Thanks to Fanie and Barbara for making video’s of the run and taking care of the money matters on the day. Thank you to the members who contributed more in cash towards the club funds.


Enjoy the photo’s that were taken on the run and I hope to see you all and more again on the next run.


Johan Pretorius 

1st ZX-14 Buddy Run held on 3 July 2011


What a sight it was to see 11 ZX-14’s and 3 buddies (Hayabusa, BMW and Moto Guzzi) together at our starting venue. Once again thank you very much to all who attended the 1st ZX-14 Buddy Run where we met many new friends. The chilly weather will clear up soon and we expect many more buddies to join our next Buddy Run.


Special thanks go to Dewald van Heerden who did a great job organizing the entire event. The run was well planned from start to finish and we really enjoyed the route. Well done Dewald! Thanks to Wynand for opening the day with prayer.


Thanks to Marius from CIT Vaal who provided our starting venue and coffee to warm us up for the big day that was lying ahead of us. The guys were once again astonished by the range of biking accessories that CIT stocks! The ZX-14 club is always welcomed in a big way by CIT. Thanks again for that. CIT Vaal can be contacted at 016 933 3983 or visit www.citmoto.co.za.


We departed Vanderbijlpark and Dewald took the lead towards Magaliesburg. It was a fast dash to Randfontein from where we headed past Tarlton and engaged the sweeping turns through Magaliesburg. Those aftermarket pipes on the ZX-14’s provided sweet music as the road narrowed in front of us.


We arrived at our breakfast venue where Debbie from Auto Cradle Estate restaurant warmly welcomed us and showed us to our elevated breakfast area. To our surprise she organized entertainment in the form of Steve D, a musician and artist, who really amazed us with his guitar, harmonica and Neil Diamond ballads. We enjoyed brunch and drinks while bragging to our friends about our ZX-14’s! Congratulations to Estie Meyer who won the brand new special edition ZX-14 scale model in the lucky draw! Thank you very much Debbie for your efforts and a grand biker venue! I am sure that we will visit your area again soon.

Debbie can be contacted at 082 782 4142 or info@autocradleestate.co.za.


I look forward to seeing you all and more again on the next ZX-14 breakfast run. The 4th Vaal Triangle Major Breakfast Run will be held on 21 August 2011 and the route might well be towards Harties so keep your diaries open. The club is very healthy at this stage and thanks for inviting other ZX-14 riders to our runs. Remember that you are all welcome to contact me for additional ZX-14 runs that you might be planning.




Johan Pretorius

Vaal Triangle Leader

083 320 7716


VT2 23 Jan 2011

VT1 21 November 2010

Johan en Sandra, and all zx14 Owners who attended the first VT1 breakfast run, thank you so much. It went so well. Johan, what a perfect route for a zx14! The scenery was just fine. The end venue superb.The weather prevailed! The breakfast at Dodo's Vaal Marina was superb. We met new friends-fantastic. This is really another milestone! Recently we established our zx14 Owners Club structure and now this successful VT1 breakfast run.Thank you to the sponsors, Triangle Bike shop and Marc Giltrow from Xclisivprint for the laser engraved ninja stars, Barbara and Fanie Marx for the  CD vouchers and first aid kits and also to Francois from Doornpoort Hardware for sponsoring the  Ninja Stars. We are looking forward to the next one. Freddie Snijman.

Vaal Triangle Leader Johan Pretorius


VT1 21 Nov 2010

VT1 21 Nov 2010

14 x ZX14's first Vaal Triangle Breakfast run Nov 2010

Otto and Allison from Kawa Triangle - thanks for the coffee and cookies!!!

Francois from Doornpoort Hardware who sponsored our 1st Vaal Triangle Run - Thank you!!! AIRPORT ROAD, DOORNPOORT, PRETORIA‏
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