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Digital speedometer by Freddie and Chris Venter,both members of the K1400 Owners Group of SA.

Totally hand manufactured!  

Although there are tens of android speedometer applications on the google play store, this speedometer development was born due to cellphone app updates are not so fast and also practicallity with the cellphone either in the pocket or the app closing down on you etc.

This is a very handy speedometer and fully mobile.

It lasts for days before charging is needed.

Insert a samsung like charger cable for charging purposes.

It will fit easily in a pocket, but do keep away from rain and water, its not waterproof!

We concealed/countersinked the on/off switch to prevent sliding/moving the switch while in a pocket.

This speedometer is microprocessed driven and very accurate because it updates the speed display 10 x in a second(10Hz), compared to most cellphone apps about 1 Hz and medium prized garmins at 5 Hz.

The enclosure sizes = 106mm x 58mm x 27mm.

Its very light weight!

We will strive to make eclosure even smaller as we progress with research and further development.

The speed is indicated in km/h and should read accurately up to 999 km/h

The speedometer also indicates the MAX speed since switch on.

Also included is the sea mean level in meters.

The speedometer also indicates how many satellites are active and receiving up to 13 satellites.

Manufacturing time including shipping, takes about two weeks until delivery. Shipping included in prize from Post net to Post net, countrywide

Of course this speedometer can be used on any bike, car or plane for that matter.


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