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Confusion no more

Yes believe it or not!

Confused I am since I bought my ZX14 in September 2008.

The dealer also struggled to compare prices with the various year models. Eventually for the price I payed I believe I bought a 2007 year model. Which did not bother me at all and will not bother me in future. My reason for this is simply that the bike is powerful enough and fits my budget perfectly. So I am not worried that the later versions like 2008 is more powerful as the 2007 that I bought.

But this is what worrying or confusing me since I bought this awesome zx14 Kawasaki:

1. The rear seat cover
2. The rear seat handle or grab handle what ever its get called
3. Kawasaki written on the side fearing.
4. Not so much the colour availability.

My Kawasaki ZX14 is:

1. Without a rear seat cover. (Internet and various forums indicates all ZX14's are stocked with rear seat cover?) yes or no, and if yes, I want one!
2. The grab handle is not on my ZX14? Should it be or not? I think i like it to be there for practicality and handling while not riding and good grip for passenger perhaps.
3. Ninja is written on the sides of the fearing and not Kawasaki.

Look at the accompanying pics :

First one with rear handle grip and Kawasaki written on the fearing and stated as a 2007 year model? Straight from the net?

Second one is my ZX 14 (2007) but not similar.

Surely someone out there will be able to put my mind at ease with this simple scenario or is the answer in the ZZR 1400 somewhere?

My own update 22 November 2008,

The rear handle grip: belongs to the ZZR14, the more tourer bike version. Now only waiting to see if I can get hold of the rear seat cover.

And yet another update on this letter: 24 November 2008

My rear seat cover is on order, I can't wait for it. It is confirmed by my dealer that my zx14 is issued with a rear seat cover.
Great news then!

Freddie Snijman

Update 04 December 2008. The rear seat cover is on my zx14! Awesome. Now I can start taking piccies from scratch on!

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