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Breakfast Run Premier Hotel in Cullinan 6 December 2008

You don't understand!

How can I convey an abstract experience to you by trying to describe the feeling of riding the zx14? You have to ride the zx14 your self.

I was joined by a good friend. He was riding a trike, and me the zx14. We had a good ride to Cullinan from Pretoria. We left about 09:00. Most of the time our speed was 120 km/h and occasionally to 140 km/h.

Once we arrived at the breakfast venue, which is the Premier Hotel in Cullinan, we sat down for a breakfast. I was starving and could not wait to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Again we were welcomed by Denise, the manageress of the hotel.

Also Marius, who is playing gigs at this venue sat down with us for a quick chat. That was during his break of course. Marius plays music while you enjoy breakfast and the music varies from Neil Diamond to the Shadows to Country the whole lot.

After breakfast I took a few piccies again as usual, and and obviously I was looking for those zx14's and I photographed two zx14's and one video.

We decided to return back to Pretoria the same route we came.

Back and safe home!

I can't wait for the next ride!


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