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Breakfast Run to the Auto Cradle Estate

Breakfast Run to the Auto Cradle Estate

December 2008 07:30 am and of course I must be on a mission! It is a good reason to start up the zx14.

I notice on the net, that some people call the mufflers of the zx14 �rocket mufflers�. Some like it some don�t. I like it and deal with it, so the rocket was fired up again.

I left Pretoria on my way to the Auto Cradle Estate // in the Magaliesberg area and surroundings. I started off on the Pietersburg high way, as we still know it by this name. I followed this highway going into the Krugersdorp highway. This is not yet a busy road compared to the Ben Schoeman and others in the Gauteng province.

So for the very first time since owning the zx14, I immediately up the speed to 160 km/h. I tucked in slightly behind the bubble and my back side slided more towards the rear passenger seat. Immediately I notice the fuel consumption to be different from all previous rides, being slightly heavier on the instant average. The ZX 14 is still to be nursed, but I think it was good to ride a constant speed for about 50 to 60 kilometers with the revolution counter stuck on 5000. Well this is my opinion again.

The road surface of this Krugersdorp highway is one of the better road surfaces. I turned right at the big four way robot close to Krugersdorp, and pointed the nose of the zx14 towards Ventersdorp. This being it my first time on this turn off, the road ahead was not familiar at all to me, therefore I decided to take it easy on the speed and check things out, while other bike riders started passing me with at very high speeds. Some of these �burners� passed me with such high speed I did not even notice them in my rear view mirrors. It is bad of me, and I have to be more on the lookout for these faster riders around me.

Not long thereafter the Auto Cradle Estate entrance was on the left, and I entered the estate with great responsibility due to the road surface leading towards the breakfast area. Got the ZX14 parked and headed for a breakfast.
What a beautiful place? Nice country side and a friendly waitress waited me in and served me in my own language which is Afrikaans.

After a sublime breakfast and well worth the price, I took one or two piccies of the place and of the bikes parked around the premises and of course a piccie or two of the zx14.

It was relaxing and interesting to observe some bikers arriving and leaving with their rides. I noticed the communication gadgets they are using and made me think about it, because I am a gadget dude too. They are dressed in the latest fashion of bike leather jackets and racing boots. At this stage not for me, but I will invest in one of those removable zipped leather jeans. While relaxing you could hear and see lots of bikes passing at very high speeds left and right in both directions in the road in front of the Estate. Very nice to hear this though!

So, I decided to leave and started the ZX14 up again. Once on the road back home, that rock solid feeling being on a ZX14 came back to me again. A Smooth riding and smooth acceleration during through the gear shifts and easily back to a speed of 160 km/h
I arrived back home safely and could not wait to sit down and convey my breakfast run ride experience with you all. There is something else I can�t wait for, and that is the next breakfast run. These experiences need to be shared with others.

Freddie Snijman

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