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Franz Kohne

This is the way the cookie crumbles. Newsletters can be good news or bad news, and this time it is a sad one!

Franz Kohne, a ZX14 owner in Harrismith Freestate, joined this zx14 Owners Club of SA, but with a rather sad story attached to it.

From the piccies of the plasma blue ZX14 we can see the damage done to the zx14.

The good news is that Franz is not hurt badly. He says what hurts most is to look in what condition the zx14 is. Who can't relate to this?

If I follow Franz correctly the frame and wheels are still lining up perfectly and therefore mostly panel damage occurred. It sounds like Franz is going to rebuild the zx-14 and already asked for several quotes. At this stage the damage counts up to R58000-00.

Hopefully, in the early stages of this mobile enabled web site creation for zx14 owners in SA, we can and will be able to assist Franz in any way possible. I know Chris Swanepoel "donated" a windscreen, and stock exhausts for a very low affordable price.

I personally don't know if a zx-14 was rebuild before in SA, but it will be good to follow Franz with his progress, just to see what is the availability of spare parts, cost, service and other useful information.

Franz, please keep us up to date on your progress, and I believe all zx14 owners will add value where possible.

Franz, I suggest you open a "topic" in our internal forum, and may be we can participate with you in advice, asking questions and keep track of your progress.

May your 2009 be a better year for you and all of us.

Freddie Snijman

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