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ZX14 Breakfast Run

Hi All.

I think we are going to do it!

I recently had the privilege to meet a representative from Kawasaki SA and he is also a proud owner of a zx14. I met him at Que Serra while his zx14 was dyno tested and others bikes too. Riaan is also a registered zx14 owner on this zx14 owners club of SA. You can see pictures of the dyno test and a video in this mobile enabled web site.

Riaan wrote me a very interesting email where he puts forward the idea of all ZX14 owners for a breakfast run to Sun City. A similar event was held previously. Apparently entrance to Sun City is for free (will confirm as we go along) and there is ample place for the zx14�s to park.

This sounds like good fun to me, and I will keep you posted on this one. We still don�t know any further detail and I am waiting for Riaan to reply on my email sent to him.

Another suggestion that came in for a zx14 get together is a night ride.
I hope the low fuel prices hold! We need it.

Kind regards

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