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ZX14 Owners of SA and in particular the KZN ZX14 owners,

I had the opportunity recently to visit Eastcoastmotorcycles and to meet up with the staff.

What a bunch of passionate people they are.

Then I also met Alan Gainsford who is the motorcycle technician appointed at Eastcoastmotorcycles.

Passion and energy is shining out of Alan straight into the motorcycles close to him, meaning his own and that of the dealership customers.

Just see for yourself the three motorcycles that Alan has rebuilt into an excellent condition. These bikes are parked on the dealership floor and are there for everyone to see. 

This is the kind of technician I want around my own bike when it comes to maintenance and services.

Alan is someone that will and can appreciate each and every little important part of the bike.

Well done Alan!    


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