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ZX14 Owners Club of SA 2014

ZX14 Owners of SA,

The way forward for the ZX14 Owners Club of SA 2014.

I trust you are all well.

I am late this year, but I hope you started the New Year with great enthusiasm and gusto, and that you have enjoyed a good holiday festive season late December 2013.

Fact, we did not get together enough in 2013 at all, but we will keep on trying.

I am also a believer in the anecdote that we need to learn from our mistakes. We will not go down, as we are looking forward again to more events and fun with the ZX14.

One of the reasons why the club did not grow enough or we did not do enough, is the club structure.

At one stage I had a secretarial assistance and the next moment none. Another anecdote I well believe in is that any successful man/woman did not reach his or her goals without the help of other people.

“Success is defined by and with the people that surround you and who assisted you in becoming successful.”

Therefore, I need to take this opportunity to say thank you to Johan Pretorius and his wife who has assisted me by taking leadership in the Vaal triangle region for the most part of two to three years.

Johan and Sandra helping with the website maintenance and with various other tasks including very successful runs in their province.

Thank you to Francois Heydenrych  , who also took some effort to assist in the West Rand area. Thank you to Kawasaki SA motorcycle dealerships for their on-going support. The same goes for Hennie van Vuuren in the East Rand area.

The Parys zx14 owners decided to go their own way and I am happy to announce the lately founded ZX14 Association Parys, which was born out of the ZX14 Owners Club of SA.  Right now, they are still using/copying the information of the website, with a few name changes here and there, but we believe they will see their way forward in the near future.

As you are aware the ZX14 Owners Club of SA, contributes towards a trust fund for kids education, since its foundation days in late 2008 and I am happy to notice the above mentioned derivative is also contributing towards a good charity by looking after  the elderly in old age homes. 

At this stage we are still looking for leadership country wide. We would like to thank the motorcycle dealerships with their on-going support and cooperation, and a big thank you to the motorcycle dealerships with their on going advertise on our website.   Thank you to the dealership personnel assisting from the floor, who helped enhance the ZX14 Owners Club of SA.

Back to the structure/committee of the ZX14 Owners Club of SA.

There is Lieb Liebenberg in Free State, willing to assist with leadership and Francois du Plooy within the Vaal triangle area.  We also have Andre Nell standing by in the dormant Cape Province.

East Coast motorcycles in KZN, has offered their assistance where possible and in Fourways, it will be Prescilla standing by from the dealership floor.  I will also follow up with Dean at DNA motorcycles. The same goes with Francois in Silverton Pretoria as well as The Lifestyle Centre in Centurion.

You all are aware that it is difficult to satisfy everybody in any kind and nature of any entity. We tried different things and ideas in the past regarding breakfast runs, weekend runs and other venues, but as a club, could not get together enough, with the membership fee, contribution not laid down properly due to different ideas and again not everyone happy and satisfied with suggested membership fees.  I also recall the t –shirt project that did not going off very well due to practical distribution. We did however started off with the ZX14 buddy run idea and we will once more favour the buddy run idea in the future, however the pit shirt project is still highly in demand.

Our website is well visited worldwide and we feature easily on first Google pages.

I did a study of the BMW Motorcycle Club strategy for their reasons to success all these years and the most outstanding fact is their committee structure, consisting of more than seven members running the club successfully.  You just can’t run a club like this solely on your own!

The same goes for us, as I am not able to do this on my own and require your leadership input as well.  I am the first person to acknowledge that we are either busy business owners or salaried staff member, trying to make a living in SA and therefore it is not always easy to dedicate your time towards the ZX14 passion, consequently the structure has slipped drastically.

Now that I have defined the major shortcomings of the Club, I needed to find a solution learned from the past, to go forward successfully.

The following structure to put into place, as at the end of January 2014:

I have appointed a professional EVENTS Management company,  Purple Room Events Co, and the owner’s name is Semon Elliot. Residing and working in Pretoria. She is an experienced events manager corporately, as well as small and medium business for more than seven years running and current.

She will in total, replace the Club’s secretarial and administration processes, and will call on future leaders and our assisting dealerships in due course.  Semon will manage events comprehensively with immediate effect. We decided that her compensation will be fee based, as right now the ZX14 Club is not in a financial position to compensate otherwise.

The ZX14 Owners Club of SA website,   will be updated shortly with her full details and contact particulars.  I therefore welcome her in our midst and for her positive willingness to assist us in reaching our Club goals with our awesome ZX14 machines.  Also, take note that Semon is currently enjoying bike riding with her partner and she is well equipped with biker’s needs.  We know that not all efforts deliver results overnight, but we are working hard to redefine the ZX14 Owners Club of SA.  

We are busy compiling an events calendar for 2014, and will update this on the website shortly, starting with events from as early as February 2014 until the end of 2014.   Events will vary from the traditional breakfast runs, to weekend runs, track days, buddy runs and eventually a national event later in the year. We will keep in mind your favourite rugby team events and weather situations/seasons where possible.  We will also publish a survey on the website for further event, suggestions/ideas by the members.


We need to put the membership fee in place for one and for all. Once again, by studying other successful motorbike clubs, we find that the average annual membership fees are more than R250, and therefore the membership fee of the ZX14 owners club of SA will be set at R350-00 per annum, effective 1 March 2014.

No specific membership fee for pillions, however pillions may be required to contribute certain small amounts/contributions while registering for events.  Contributions will, as always in the past, go towards, charity, website hosting, bulk sms’s and communication cost, events management cost, gifts and various other liabilities.

Once again, as long as you own a ZX14, even if you do belong to another bike clubs, we want you to at least register with us. Currently we are more than 100 members registered but not fully paid for 2013, this must be all done by end of Feb 2014.

Please be so kind to submit membership details via the website or to contact Semon regarding membership issues.

I sincerely hope that you are as excited as I am regarding the way forward, with the assistance of Purple Room Events Co., we will be able to be more structured and have more time for well-planned ZX14 events.

We will make it our priority to communicate on a regular basis with all our members via email, sms and newsletters from our website. All you need to do is, join the events and enjoy your ZX14 with us. 

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