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ZX14 Breakfast Run

Dear ZX14 Owner, A Kawasaki ZX14 breakfast run is planned for Sunday morning 29th of March 2009. The idea is to depart from the Petroport on the Krugersdorp highway as a starting venue, and end up at Auto Cradle Estate Magalies area as our end venue. 08:15 for 08:30 sharp!
The idea of this run would be to have as many ZX14's together, meet new ZX14 owners and enjoy a nice social ride to the Auto Cradle Estate. We have 15 x golf shirts available shirts embroided with website address which is related to our particular mobile enabled web site, which would like to hand out at this run. If we are more than 15 x ZX14 owners present, I promise to invest in more shirts when affordability allows me to do so. Or can we get sponsored?
We would also like to take pics of all the ZX14's present this day with their owners which will be published on this mobile enabled website.
This is the link for the Auto Cradle Estate: // See the information on breakfast menu and other information. I already confirmed with Debbie, that a part of the upper deck will be ready for us to be seated down for a breakfast.
Of course is your passenger welcome to join.
Deon Joubert and Chris Swanepoel will you please be so kind to take the lead, at the starting venue regarding rules, regulations for a safe zx14 ride! Just keep me away from the so called road blocks.Heheeeheee.... Don't forget to invite the other ZX 14 owners that we are not aware of.
Then last but not the least. The owners in Harrismith and Pietersburg, next time hopefully way closer to you. We will address this in future!

Kind regards,

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