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Second Major ZX14 Breakfast Run 24 May 2009

Are you ready for our next major run, ZX14’s only? You are invited to please join us on our second major ZX14’s only breakfast run organised by the ZX14 Owners Club of South Africa.

On our first run we were 16 x ZX14’s together, and this time my feeling tells me we should be around 30 x ZX14’s plus? It was head turning stuff, and we are going to do it again. We are in the very early stages of this concept, but believe me it is growing, week by week. The feedback we received about the concept was very positive. We have already more than 30 registered ZX14 owners on the mobile enabled website in a less than five months since its inception.

This time our starting venue will be Jackie’s place, Kawasaki Dealer Fourways. Be assured, we will vary our starting and end venues as we are growing with this concept. Jackie has informed us of ample parking at her dealership.

Departure time from Fourways sharp 08:30.

The Route

Although Premier Hotel in Cullinan may sound boring, it all goes with logistics and some planning, and we will keep on striving for various venues on various runs, but for this second major ZX14 breakfast run it will be Premier Hotel in Cullinan. We want to ensure that we can enjoy a good breakfast with value for money. Also Denise, the Manager at the Premier Hotel Cullinan is more than competent to host us at the hotel. I don’t want to end up with what happened during our first run where we could not sit down and relax while having a good breakfast. Believe me, I don’t skip breakfast, I like it. Also there is ample parking at the Premier Hotel reserved for the ZX14’s only. We need this for exposure and to take pictures of all the ZX14’s together.

We will leave Fourways for the R24 Krugersdorp/Pretoria highway and head for Pretoria. We will take the Rigel Avenue off ramp, and head for Delmas. We will turn left at the Rayton/Cullinan/Bronkhorstspruit crossing heading and passing Que Serra. We will again turn left heading for Rayton. From Rayton we head towards Cullinan.

After breakfast everyone is welcome to go their own route back home, but we can also leave Cullinan in a group back to Rayton, pass through Rayton and turn right into Lynnwood Avenue (just before Que Serra) heading for Lynnwood Pretoria. Once we arrived at Hans Strijdom Avenue in Lynnwood, we head for the Witbank N4 highway, heading for Pretoria, Pietersburg, Centurion, JHB, Krugersdorp and so forth, just to put the cherry on top the idea of all ZX14’s riding together back home. A suggestion would be that we can all stop at Que Serra for some liquid refreshment before making our final trip homewards.


If we are going to be at least 30 x ZX14’s riding together, which I hope we are going to be, we need to be careful as a group in traffic. I will invite Jackie, Chris Swanepoel, and Deon Joubert and Slade Armstrong to please join up (and be close) in front with me, to assist in good group riding discipline.

Therefore we will regroup when we take the Krugersdorp/Pretoria highway once leaving Fourways.

We will then regroup if necessary Rigel Avenue off ramp in Pretoria. We will then regroup if necessary at the first turn off to Cullinan/Rayton/Welbekend/Bronkhorstspruit . Another regroup just past Que Serra after turning left to Rayton.

We don’t past each other on the left!

We need safe distances between ZX14 bikes while riding.

On our first ZX14 run we averaged a riding speed of 140 km/h, because at same stages we lost some ZX14 owners at the back. We leave together and arrive together so please don’t feel pressured into riding outside your comfort zone. We need to enjoy it, so that we can ride again!

We need a safe ZX14 ride!

Breakfast self help service at the Premier = R45-00.

Make sure your ZX14 is filled up with enough fuel at least to the end venue, to prevent you from leaving the group.

Head lights on full beam all the time!

Denise, the Premier Hotel Manager is reserving a minimum of 50 x seats for a sit down breakfast.

Parking place will be reserved for ZX14’s at the Premier Hotel. Please park all ZX14’s facing in one direction, for picture and video purposes. Of course the pillions, ZX14 lady models are welcome, we need the pictures!

There is live music at the Premier Hotel Cullinan.

Please invite ZX14’s owners that you are aware off to join us; even if they belong to other clubs which is not an issue with the ZX14 Owners Club of SA.

The core of the zx14 Owners Club of SA

1. To uplift the Kawasaki ZX14 machine.

2. To uplift the owners of the ZX14’s in SA

3. To meet and make new friends.

Online Ordering

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Directions to Fourways Kawasaki
From the N1 take the William Nichol off ramp.

Depending which side you come from turn left from N1 North, right over highway from N1 South – towards Monte Casino.

At the Casino take Monte Casino Boulevard (as if you’re going to the Casino) go through 3 circles.

At the next robot cross Witkoppen rd, turn right at the next robot into ‘The Gantry’. Go through the boom, we’re in front of the complex between

Sevens Furniture and Bathroom Bizarre, facing Witkoppen.

From Krugersdorp Highway Pta to Krugersdorp, Sandton /Diepsloot turnoff, all the way until Witkoppen. Turn left into Witkoppen. Monte Casino on your right now. Very first robot(turn/junction) left again, immedately right through the boom. Centre in front of you.

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