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ZX14 Nat BF2016

ZX14 Owners (,

If you have received this email, you are eligable for a sponsored draw on this coming 6 March 2016 zx14 event.

Thank you for your particpation in this upcoming event!

Here then with this email just a few pieces of detail to make your upcoming run a most enjoyable run.

Please print your online ticket order. Bring it along with you on the run. The reason is this printed ticket varifies your attendance and allow your for the sponsored prizes.

The Pretoria zx14 Owners, hand in their printed tickets with me (Freddie Snijman).

The East Rand zx14 Owners hand in their tickets with George Thomas.

The Vall zx14 group, hand in their tickets with George Morrison.

The Capetown group hand in their printed tickets to Christo Jordaan.

In PE it would be Riaan Sharp.

In KZN it would be Gavin Russell.


The draw wont take place during the eventat all. We will only hand in the printed tickets that you brought along.

The group leaders will hand in the printed tickets to me.

In the week after the run, soonest possible, I will in person approach each sponsor to draw a number on the final attendance list countrywide.

We say thank you to all sponsored prizes! This is highly appreciated and makes this zx14 run just special.

The first draw will be the ECU flash by JRracing(Roland) to the value of R3500.

The second draw will be SBK pair of sunglasses(Marc Gilltrow) valued more than R1200.

The third draw will be a R1500 voucher from Fourways Motorcycles ( Riaan - dealer Owner).

The fourth draw will be from Holeshot (Alex) who sponsored a Dunlop  back tyre to the value of R800.

The fifth draw will be Marc again for another pair of sunglasses series to the value of R600.

It is your responsibility, that if you win a sponsored prize, to take it up in person with the sponsor himself to be able to get hold of your prize.

The East Rand zx14 Owners get together on 6 March 2016 at Holeshot and ready to leave at 08:00 already. You want to be there @ 07:30 .

The Pretoria owners will meet up on the R21 Engen garage towards East Rand not latert than 06:50, because we have to leave at 07:00 towards Holeshot to be in time. 

Vaal leave 8:30 from Full Throttle Vaal.

Please make sure that your zx14 is already filled up with fuel, not to waste time.

Please dont leave your invited friend on another bike behind. 

Please be carefull when riding in the group! Concentrate. Ride for other road users too, including the group participants.

We have to get safe to our endpoints and safe back home so that we can ride again the days there after.

I have to say thank you to the following persons in particular:

1. Christo Jordaan who kickstarted this project and motivated us to get this run on the calendar.

2. George Morrison for his Vaal group and Cherry on Top administration and assistance in sponsored prize.

3. George Thomas in the East Rand and taking leadership.

4. For Gavin Russell in KZN for his role.

5. Harold Strydom for his efforts and assistance in sponsored prize.  

6. Riaan Sharp's leadership in the EC area.

The idea fo this run is to make zx14 owners aware of the ZX14 Owners Association of SA and to make zx14 Owners aware about our idea of organizing a zx14 National Rally this year. 

Please take photos and short videos on this run.

You can forward me some piccies to 

I already opened a photo album for this said run on the website. Also I activated a dedicated website page on the website.

Then we also say thank you to Collin Ton, a ZX14 Owner who joined since 2008 who kindly prepaired us a prayer regarding the run and here I loce to quote his prayer:



As we go out on our ride we pray Lord that you ride by our side, keep us safe on our machines. May we experience and appreciate the Glory of your creation on this ride.
We pray for wisdom for all the leaders in the different provinces to make the right decisions and to lead all the riders safely on the routes.
Bless us with good fellowship, not just as friends, but as a family, biker family.
May His mercy, grace and love shine upon our route
We thank you Lord for a good day on the 6th March
In Jesus Name Amen"

The different route maps are on the website calendar as well as on FB.


Kind regards

Be safe


Thank you.

The ZX14 Nat Breakfast Run Team

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