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Zx14 Owners Club of SA aka

Ladies and Gents zx14 owners,

I really hope that I am not bombarding you unnecessary with newsletters at this stage.

This website zx14 club concept/idea is now closely running to five months of existence, and what a pleasure to announce the positive feedback and huge amount of interest we are getting on this idea. The ideas on possible feature runs are already reaching my PC in force.

We have registered members from Port Elizabeth, East London, Pietersburg, Harrismith, Witbank, Empangeni and of course in our Gauteng, just to name a few.

This club idea will become as big as the amount of running zx14’s in South Africa and all the others still to come(although I have heard from two separate Kawasaki dealers that stock on the zx14 is not easy, therefore the zx14 is popular. Also you can’t get hold easy on a nice clean second hand zx14). And goodness, are the new stock zx14’s expensive!

So, you will understand that this website club idea/concept is still in its infant phases and so much can still be done and achieved.

There are a few points of interest I need to bring to your attention.

1. I personally try to prevent forced leadership, and therefore would like you to make the club idea yours.

2. I foresee needed representation in the Provinces as we grow bigger in membership all over South Africa, which can assist in carrying the club core in that province.

3. I will need an administration assistant (priority #1) to maintain, update and change the website and to assist me in the following:

a. We need runs to a typical Badplaas, Vaal River, Graskop and similar in all Provinces.

b. We need a major annually national run, to an easy place for all provinces to get together.

c. We need track days.

d. We need breakfast runs, locally.

e. All the above to be noted on the website/events calendar

4. I need to define zx14 runs and I want to address this immediately.

Since the first major zx14 run we enjoyed, the request was put to me for other bikes to join the zx14’s, not once but more than three times from different people, entities and dealers. This can also be seen as a compliment to our zx14 club concept and thank you for that. Also it is a fact that lots of zx14 owners partners own other bikes and is used to join the hubby or it is a family effort in total. I meant to say that also I have other biker buddies and like them to join in breakfast runs and alike. Then there is the wife and or girlfriend who rides their own bikes and who never ever wants to be a pillion anymore. And I understand this all and clear.

I also understand that we want to establish, maintain and enhance the concept of this zx14 Owners Club of South Africa and it contains three important elements and are displayed on the website since the beginning when I opened the mobile enabled website:

a. To uplift/emphasize the zx14 machine

b. To benefit the owner of the zx14 where possible and

c. To make friends and meet new people (this is happening in abundance now!)

I also understand, that no one, including me, can tell the zx14 owner what to do with his/her zx14, as simple as that!

The club concept/idea is there and invites other zx14 owners to join, and you will only join if you can relate to the purpose, mission and vision of the club, also simple. Also I want to stay away from the traditional heavy structures in Bike Clubs when and where possible. The more informal we can enjoy results, the better. I hate things to be complicated. I hate politics with a passion! We already have three big Bike Clubs where the zx14 owners joined our concept with no hassles what so ever.

So let’s add to the top mentioned, what is needed for us to address the request for other bikes to join the runs, and not the club.

a. We always “register” a run on the site in the calendar area (you send an email). If it is registered we can control, and we know of all facts regarding the registered run. We carry the core of the club.

b. Zx14 run only (frequency dependant), only zx14’s. Can be breakfast run or a run to another province. Why zx14’s only?

1. We need to make positive added value statements.

2. We want to be different.

3. We need advertisers.

4. We need to establish relationships with entities/dealers/shops

5. We need to negotiate parts/service with dealers.

6. We need sponsorships! Currently I recruit advertisers for the bottom advertisement space on the web site. I have one place left (Riaan, I want to negotiate Kawasaki SA into this opportunity/ad space). The idea is to at least try and cover my cost for the hosting of this mobile enabled website, and for the sms/admin cost involved from time to time.

7. Carry the core and recruit.

c. ZX14’s and or family members/friends/other Bike Clubs combined. Can also take any form like a breakfast run or similar like zx14’s only. For easy identification on the calendar, it is called “zx14other”. Also carry the core and recruit.

d. A run with a zx14 or more, on their own, or combined with family/friends and NOT REGISTERED ON THE SITE, is not a zx14 club run and we distance ourselves in total from that run. We do this anyway like a normal breakfast run that we are use to prior to this zx14 club effort. No big deal!

Then lastly but paramount: we as zx14 owner’s need/can/want to get related to a unique concept, but surely totally different. It must not be a toy run (to much of that already). Not an orphanage. What is unique and totally different from all other bike clubs? I still don’t know. Where can we add value and draw the attention of the media? In other words, if we do a zx14 run only, we need to get noticed by adding value to an idea/entity/corporate/media and this event will most probably held once a year once identified as such a run. Riaan Fourie, if you are reading this document, I need the input and ideas from Kawasaki SA in addition on this one.

Is there perhaps any computer literate lady out there, who is willing to assist me in getting the above mentioned ideas in place, and who has access to the internet, who is comfortable with not to much admin and planning and it is ok(technology) if she is a remote distance from my office? She must not be a member of another Bike club, but it makes sense to me if she is in the zx14 family. Skype connection and similar can also be used for communication. Please let me know 0832508926 or

Sure thing, I am already investigating my calendar to see where can the next zx14 run be held? Right now, Dean Weir from DNA Motorcycles and Nico from Xrated Bikes are prepared to host the starting venue in the west rand. I will take this opportunity seriously into consideration. We also have Mean Machine in Pta on standby as well as BIKES Crazy in Wonderboom Pta. As a matter of fact, once we get this concept established (definitions and admin in place), you don’t need to wait for me anymore. If you see your way forward to set up and plan a zx14 run in feature, you are welcome to do so. We also need to understand, that all of us won’t be able to attend all these runs at times, due to our own schedules (and the zx14 owners in different provinces), but sure thing we are going to try!

Kind regards,


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