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Gauteng 6th ZX14 run from Krugersdorp to Cullinan 15 August 2010

ZX14 Owners,

Thank you all who attended the 6th zx14 run from Krugersdorp to Cullinan.

In one sentence:   It was great and successful!

We were 26 x zx14�s together.

We want to thank you all for submitting the request to indicate your attendance. Believe me; it really helped us in administration and to plan such an event. We will definitely keep on following the submission request in future.

Thank you Sandra for a great job you doing and your contribution towards the ZX14 Owners Club of SA.

Thanks to Leon who opened our event in prayer.

Thank you Frank and Elize from Xratedbikes in Krugersdorp! Thank you for your support and for hosting the run from your shop.

Thank you Deon and Management from Premier Hotel in Cullinan for the kind manner they always welcome us the Premier Hotel in Cullinan. The live entertainment was just great! The breakfast is always sublime. Be sure we will keep on visiting your venue.

We took a lot of photos, check them out on our website under Breakfast runs 2 (just scroll down). We also uploaded new video clips of the past run on to website.

The run itself was awesome, safe and I am sure that all the zx14�s riding together makes the heads of bystanders turning when we pass. It was a busy morning from the start to the end of the run. I just wish we could all chat more during breakfast, but surely we can keep on making up for lost chatting with our future events.

Sandra, Johan and I will soon be in discussion with Marc Giltrow to further discuss the engraved pocket knife gift idea and we will forward feedback to you. Johann Claassen and Hilton received the bigger hunting knives for attending ALL the runs in the past. If we perhaps missed someone else, who besides Johann and Hilton, also attended the past five runs including the the 6th run, please let us know.

I am looking forward to our next run, although I am again, like last year, very concerned about the quality of food at Sun City. I just don�t receive good feedback from other bikers who recently visited Sun City. Then my diary is booked for the first ZX14 Vaal Triangle breakfast run!

Also we kindly request to those ZX14 owners who still did not submit photo of yourself with your ZX14 to do so because we constantly maintaining our database and your effort will also assist us with some sort of security. We definitely don�t want to issue usernames and password left right and centre.  Don�t forget to also submit your residential area. Besides the fact that we can be in contact together, it will assist us in planning chapters, admin and correspondence.

Kind regards,


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