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2010 November 14 Structuring the ZX14 Owners Club of SA

A mile stone!

Today, 14 November 2010 the first full formal structure of the Kawasaki ZX14 Owners Club of SA was put in place.

We invited regular ZX14 Owners to get together with the goal of strengthining the ZX14 Owners Club of SA. Thank you to those who attended this meeting

During this first formal structure meeting the following vacanies were filled:

Founder: Freddie Snijman

Vice      : Hilton  Readhead

Secretary: Sandra Pretorius

Treusurer: Sandra Pretorius (This position will be re-addressed in future)

Marketing: Marc Giltrow assisted by Barbara Marx


Gauteng Province: Freddie Snijman ( Vacancy under discussion)

Vaal Triangle/Sedibeng: Johan Pretorius

KZN: Ken Dyson

Cape Town: Vacant

Free State: Vacant

EP: Vacant

Limpopo: Vacant

Mphumalanga: Vacant

The first formal minutes(besides initial stages between Sandra Pretorius and I) were held and will be published on this website.







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