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ZX14 Owners Club riding into 2011


ZX14 Owners,

Compliments to the season!

I am very optimistic for the year 2011 and the zx14 Owners Club of SA in particular.

 Last year I had the opportunity to meet up once again with Chris Speight Head of Kawasaki in SA. I also had the opportunity to meet the Technical Advisor of Kawasaki SA.

Some aspects that were discussed with Chris and his team:

1.       It is our wishes and idea to plan a National event.

2.       We also want to launch a charity project in co operation with Solidariteit.

3.       A representative from Kawasaki SA either to join us on our runs and hopefully to be involved in our zx14 Owners Club EXCO meetings.

4.       Possible (catalogues) availability of lower cost imported aftermarket accessories for our ZX14�s. Once again the support from you for this opportunity will contribute towards funds to the ZX14 Club.

We also discussed the cracked steering column incident that was reported on our website. As you all are aware, for me(and you) it was paramount to find peace of mind regarding this incident and I am delighted to announce that with the said meeting with Kawasaki SA, I did receive that piece of mind and I would like to convey this piece of mind to all ZX14 owners of SA. Therefore the text regarding this issue was already removed late last year from the website.

Once again, and I repeat: the recall is not regarding cracked steering columns, but rather about the rear suspension. Please study the website for information published some time ago regarding the �recall�. Also if you want to confirm your recall on the rear suspension, please feel free to approach your Kawasaki Dealer who will gladly assist you.

I would like to thank Chris who has gone through the trouble of importing the ZX14 scale models for us at lower cost. I already bought mine. If you order one of these scale model zx14�s, you will also contribute towards funds for the zx14 Owners Club. Please see our website for all detail. We have ten available.

With our last EXCO meeting, we also discussed a few important matters regarding future membership joining fees at minimum cost. More detail to follow as soon as possible.

Once again thank you to Mark Giltrow (Gillrossi) Xclusive Print who opted to advertise on our zx14 website. Please support Mark where and when possible with all your printing needs. Mark also printed Ken Dyson�s ZX14 (KZN) business cards at no cost. We are proud to announce that visitor�s hits on our website are very high and climbing on a daily basis. Therefore the website is an excellent platform for your business advertisement. We have one more prime spot advert space available for only R600-00 per annum. Thank you to Barbara Marx for her efforts in finding sponsorships for the club.

The next events regarding our breakfast runs, will be published soon on our website

We also look forward to hear soon from zx14 owners in KZN, due to Ken Dyson�s effort in KZN. I would love to join the very first event of KZN, the moment when they are ready to do so.

While we are at KZN, our next province in line for leadership is either Eastern Cape or the Western Cape. Therefore I invite the Cape ZX14 Owners, to please feel free to discuss this matter with us.

I just love my ZX14, but lately I need a boat!

Kind regards


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