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Charity Project ZX14 Owners and Solidariteit 2011

The following is a copy of an email I sent to the various entities regarding our Charity Project:

@ Sandra en Barbara,


Thank you both so much for your assistance regarding the zx14 Owners Club of SA. Sandra and Johan, the  VT2 breakfast run, this morning was excellent. Thank you Barbara for your assisted substitution this morning regarding our event admin and handling of our funds during the run.


Sandra, please be aware that we did receive contributions from the zx14 members, during the run this morning, regarding the charity fund project in co-operation with Helpende Hand (Solidariteit). Please indicate separately in your zx14 Club book keeping.


@Barbara Marx


Barbara, can you please lease with Joey Lotter  regarding the possible donation from Old Mutual, which we can incorporate with our ZX14 Owners Club, Helpende Hand charity project. Keep in mind, that we still have not opened the bursary fund in practise, but we will do so promptly once we have all the funds (balance/amount) together for transfer purposes. At this stage the sources are :

1.       ZX14 Owners Club of SA (We want to be able to donate at least R500-00 plus)

2.       Old Mutual (Barbara Marx/zx14 Owner and committee member) An amount to be announced soon.

3.        Kawasaki SA (Chris and I will be in discussion)


The following is the summary received from Joey Lotter (Helpende Hand Solidariteit) of the proposed process we will follow to put this project in place:


U kan self besluit watter vorm u bydrae gaan aaneem.  Die opsies is as volg:


  1. Eenmalige bydrae
  2. Maandelikse bydrae
  3. Stig u eie Beursfonds:

-       U kan die naam van die Beursfonds kies

-       Aan wie die Beursfonds geallokeer word

-       Of die fondse gebruik kan word as vol beurs en

-       Of u betrokke wil wees met allokasie van die beurs.


U ontvang na oorbetaling van die fondse:

�n Bedankinsskrywe

Bewys van oorbetaling aan die tersiêre instansie; en

Die besonderhede van die student wat u gaan befonds.


Skakel my gerus indien u enige vrae het, of indien u �n afspraak wil reël met my.   


By voorbaat dankie vir u bereidwilligheid.


Vriendelike Groete


Joey Lötter


Solidariteit Helpende Hand

(t)  012 644 4390

(f)  012 664 1295



@Joey (Helpende Hand) and @Chris Managing Director Kawasaki SA


Chris, any amount from your office will be appreciated. Would you be so kind to let me know. It looks like we will then be able to open this project with an amount collected and we as ZX14 Owners will be able to keep on contributing, even if it is on an ad hock basis by raising funds during our breakfast runs and or club funds.

It is the wishes of the ZX14 Owners Club of SA, to create awareness for all involved parties in this charity project, regarding media coverage and  marketing of all parties involved.    


Freddie Snijman


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