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1st KZN ZX14 Breakfastrun Jan 2011

Our first official run for the KZN ZX14 club was held on the 30.01.2011 and kicked off from the roof-top pub, the Firkin, at the Pavilion shopping centre. We had a good turnout for our first event even if half of the bikes there were from the Vaal. We made our way up the N3 and then branched off onto the M13 through Pine Town, then up the twisty Fields Hill passing the very scenic Kloof and Gillets. We then came off the M13 and made our way through Hillcrest along the main road and eventually come up towards Botha�s Hill, where we arrived at the Pot & Kettle. Everyone was amazed and impressed by the stunning view of the Valley of a 1000 Hills from the veranda at the Pot & Kettle. (Some of the members enjoyed the trip so much, they did it twice . . of wat sê ek Petoors?? Tx, Colin and Cliffy for your help with the forgotten bag! Sandra)
We all sat down to a well earned breakfast which I think everyone enjoyed.
At this point I would like to thank Freddie and the members from ZX14 in the Vaal and GP that came down especially for the first run. It was great to have you guys attend. I would also like to thank the KZN members that came on the ride; it was great to see your support. I am hoping that as we do more rides, the attendance will improve.
So impressed with the ride so far, one of the KZN members suggested a further run and, since the weather was perfect to be on the bike, everyone agreed.
We finished up our lovely breakfast and once all the discussions and plans with regards to moving the club forward were over, we hit the road again. We headed back through Hillcrest and made our way back to the N3 and headed for PMB. It was at this point that we said goodbye to Sandra and Johan as they had to ride back to Sasolburg. The rest of us headed on the winding road out to Wartburg, where we stopped at the lovely Wartburg Hotel for some liquid refreshment. Then it was back on the powerful 14�s and hit the road winding our way towards Tongaat. We rode through some fantastic areas of sweeping road and beautiful country side as well passing through some informal settlement areas, much to the amusement and entertainment of the locals. What a site that must have been seeing one ZX14 after another and hearing the roar of the mighty 14 as it went past. Wow, that would have impressed me. Once we reached Tongaat we then turned towards the coast and picked up the Compensation road and headed for Ballito. Once we hit Ballito, we headed for the Hops on the beach front for our last refreshment of the day. It was at this point that I had to say goodbye. Again I would like to thank Colin for taking us on this extended ride and showing us what a beautiful country we have as well a big thank you to Freddie and the ZX14 Vaal and GP members. You made the KZN 1st major breakfast run one to remember.

Ken Dyson
KZN Region

(PS: Ken, we will do it again . . . Soon!)

Sandra Pretorius


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