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ZX14 Recall Invitation

ZX14 Owners of SA,

Please visit the documents and brochures page on the website to peruse the pdf. file detail regarding this communication. 

Although the following matter is widely published on this website and is always widely discussed between ZX14 owners, it can do no harm to keep on emphasizing this particular recall on the zx14. This is also to demonstrate how co operation and partnerships can be enhanced between ZX14 Owners in SA and Authorised Kawasaki Dealers.

Our next Gauteng Province starting venue will also then be Centurion Lifestyle Motorcycles. 

The following invitation from Abri Marais, Centurion Lifestyle Motorcycles:

Good day Freddie 

As discussed, Kawasaki has a cautionary recall for inspection and repairs where needed on certain models of ZX14's sold in South Africa in 2006 and 2007. 

These Bikes can be identified by their VIN numbers as listed in the attached first page of the official recall communiqué. 

On some units of the recalled ZX14's the engine mount adjusting collar could have been over-tightened during assembly at the factory, creating excessive stresses on the weld bead on the sides of the lower cross pipe of the frame. This can lead to stress fractures if the bike is subjected to extreme road conditions i.e. potholes, which can potentially cause a crash.  

We are exploring all venues of communication to spread the message to all current owners of Zx14's targeted in this recall as the some first owners either sold their bikes or do not react to voice mails etc. 

The recall is done for free and does not have a direct cost implication on the owner. 

These bikes can be booked with any authorised Kawasaki Dealer for the recall. The initial inspection should not take more than a hour, approx. five hours should it be found that the bolt has been incorrectly torqued to check for possible stress fractures. In the event of a damaged frame we then need to order a new frame specifically for that bike and VIN number, which unfortunately will lead to some delay in procurement. 

Owners of bikes that has already done this recall must please ignore this request. Bikes that has already been inspected can be identified by a punch mark that should be visible directly in front of the first letter of the VIN number on the neck of the bike. 

It would be appreciated if you would reach out to your club members with this info and request them to book their bikes as soon as possible. 

Abri Marais
Centurion Lifestyle Motorcycles
Authorised Dealer for Kawasaki, Triumph,
Aeon & PGO Motorcycles & Scooters
Tel.: 0861460460
Fax.: (012) 643 0929
Cell.: 083 297 4803

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