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National Event 2011

 ZX14 Owners,

National Event 2011

About a week and a half ago, we have asked you to reply on a survey to determine the interest in our National Event. As previously mentioned, this was a second survey done.

We first need to thank the ZX14 Owners who replied/submitted their information on time and online to assist us in determining the attendance status to enable us to plan the national event.

We are currently 80 x registered ZX14 Owners on our website database This is countrywide.

The survey was launched with sms send to each registered member with a follow up email shortly thereafter.

Only fourteen members replied! Of those fourteen eight were positive to attend and the balance negative. The previous survey, some months ago resulted in twenty replied positive.

Although we have two ZX14 owners from KZN who replied, one or two from Vaal Triangle and the rest of the eight from Gauteng we could call it a national event, but surely you would agree the amount of owners replied positive would not make this a true national event.

Consequently we decided not to proceed with planning the National Event any further for the year of 2011, but rather to safe our energy to re plan this event for next year.

I myself would then concentrate to soon set up a breakfast run for the KZN ZX14 owners and I need to plan a breakfast run for the Gauteng region instead.

Kind regards


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