ZX14 Owners Association of SA aka  SINCE 2008

Now reading K1400 Owners Group of SA

I am a proud owner of a Kawasaki Ninja Zx14 2007 (first one and now the 2012) and therefore there must be more of us out there who are proud of owning a ZX14

My name is Freddie Snijman and the concept is the following: Establish an informal bikers group with only zx14 owners in SA. It will be a very informal group without strict structures. You must be an owner of a zx-14, even if you belong to any other bike club. Would you like to attend ad hock or planned events and or runs when ever it suits you? Then this idea is for you.

I like to meet new people and make friends. This site is not only mine, make it yours as well.

It must be awesome to see more than one ZX14 together, and even better ten or more. I would like to learn more about the ZX-14 and its capabilities. Although I am not a "burner" I just love the bike and just love a good breakfast run. I want to enjoy the ZX14 and I want to be a careful road user. I also bought the ZX14 for two other reasons being current fuel cost in SA and our bad traffic situations on our roads. I have simply fallen in love with the lines of the ZX14.

How do you join? Click on "Membership Application" heading and submit.

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Please feel free to participate in the active "TELEGRAM App group" called Owners of SA. It is fully mobile! See for yourself. Make sure when you chat, we have mutual respect to each other and refrain from those items which course negative consequences of any kind.

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Vice:   Wynand Prinsloo (Group Member). Assisting Harold Strydom/Peter du Bruyn (Club members)  

Secretary/PRO and Marketing: Izzy Olivier Alberton 

Sedibeng/Vaaldriehoek Leader : George Morrison and Johan Human

Leader KZN:  Arnold Theron

East Rand: Harold Strydom/George Thomas/Wynand Prinsloo/Izzy Olivier


ECape: Andre Greeff

Mpumalanga: Estelle Muller

Pretoria: Freddie Snijman 

North West:



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