2012 Zx14 Freddie Snijman
Third ZX14 run 26 July 2009. From Xratedbikes to Parys.
ZX14 versus Hayabusa
ZX14 Fuel Tank Protectors
Stephan and the zx14's in Saudi Arabia.
Something for the men.Girls and pics photos on zx14's. SA girls on zx14's. Now that we are getting the girls on zx14's, it is time to look out for men and their six packs (no beer) on their zx14's.
Awesome piccies of the zx14 in wheely action. Zx14's piccies by Adriaan De Villiers owner ZX14 Club SA. Wheelies by zx14 red 2006 models.
Rubber burning and the zx14
I have mentioned before on this very same mobile enabled website, that I always wanted to know the effect of chrome and the zx14. Here are piccies available to get a bigger picture. Personally I like what I have seen on this bike! For me it is awesome! Also to see the carbon fibre aftermarkets on this same zx14.
ZX14 and Aftermarkets Album 2
The zx14 of Jaco Wilken recently involved in an accident.ZX14 blue.
Franz was involved in an accident with his ZX14. Franz escaped serious injuries, but not his ZX14. This album is dedicated to Franz where he shows us the rebirth of his ZX14.
This is an album dedicated to Frank Ueckermann.
This album, like ZX14 Two, Three and so fourth, may contains piccies of breakfast runs, that are not published in the "Breakfast Runs" links.
These are the piccies that I took when the site was in its infant status.
Track Day Number Plate for the zx14 by zx14 owners. Also known as flip down numberplate.
Kawasaki Ninja ZX14
Modifications, Alterations, Paint jobs, Wheels and so forth.
Done by : Particular Bike Paint Louis Snyman Cel: 083 357 6648 Email: Website:
Kawasaki Ninja zx14
Done by Xrated Bikes in Krugersdorp.
Piccies of zx14 while riding or in action owned by SA owners.
Johann Cronje zx14 Owner and zx14 new spray paint job. Awesome job done! Very awesome pipes too.
The zx14 of Okker Botes and awesome paint job done on his zx14.
This album contains piccies of ZX14's taken from the net.
Although a zx14 Owners Club of SA, we like to share with our zx14 owners internationally.
The zx14 Owners Club of SA, send us zx14 related photos from time to time and we then publish in this album

Our event 23 Aug 2015 to Zwartkops raceway where JRracing presented us with wooloch software capabilities. 

Clarens 2015

Attended by:

Freddie and Irene

Johan and marie

Gavin and Debra

Christo broodryk and partner

George Thomas and wife

In total 6 x zx14's

Whatsup piccies during 2015 zx14 related

Another compilation of zx14's which were uploaded via whats up forum.

National ZX14 Owners Group of SA Gariepdam 2016

This is an album where we reflect our own zx14 ladies and not those on the internet. 

Our K1400 Owners number branding graphics sarted off in February 2017.

ZX14's on tracks around the country

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