4th GP ZX14 Breakfast Run Nov 2009

This was our fourth zx14's run only. It was the second time we pointed the zx14's to Parys. Although only 10 zx14's pitched, it was still an enjoyable ride. Being the end of the year and all busy with various year end functions and rallies, we have to understand that all could not attend. We also had to change the starting and end venues on very short notice. 

This is Nico owner of Xratedbikes in Krugersdorp (right) and Freddie Snijman during breakfast in Parys. Notice the sponsored pit shirts. The shirts are awesome!

Always a good site to view more than one zx14 parked together. Next time we aiming for 40 plus!

This is the idea, we are making friends: Left is Johann Cronje, Cobus in the middle and Jaco Wilken right. Jaco also opened our run with prayer. 

Marc Giltrow left and Henry Badenhorst. Marc is also one of the main sponsors on the pit shirts.

Just before breakfast we took this piccie and the weather suited as well.

4th GP ZX14 Breakfast Run Parys Nov 2009

2nd GP Zx14 Run 24 May 2009 Fourways to Premier Hotel Cullinan

In stead of writing a lengthy newsletter, I can use the testimonials received from zx14 owners who joined the run. In short it was a well organized run, we received a cap, and our breakfast tables were reserved as well as zx14 parking space. The breakfast was sublime. Live band music for entertainment. Coffee was available at Kawasaki Fourways and so forth.
Thanks for all the testimonials received, but we need to elaborate.
In Jackie’s (Kawasaki Fourways) absence, thank you for your assistance. Thank you for opening the Bike Shop and for the toilet facilities.
Then what a surprise it was to me when Riaan Fourie from Kawasaki SA introduced me to Chris Speight from Kawasaki SA. Thanks Chris for your presence and interest in our zx14 machines. Thank you Chris for the awesome piccies you have taken with your camera. All piccies are uploaded on the mobile enabled website www.zx14.mobi.
Thank you to Riaan from Kawasaki SA who took it on him and with assistance from other zx14 owners to marshal the run. I promise you Riaan it was worth it and we appreciated your effort and it was definitely one of the reasons for our safe and enjoyable ride we had. Thank you Riaan for your kindness and the way you made me feel at home during the run. Be assured I noticed that and is highly appreciated! You are just great and you are a leader!
Thank you to Denise Du Randt, Simon and other staff of the Premier Hotel in Cullinan. Well done! You surprised and impressed us with the clearly marked reserved seating and the caps that were decorated on the tables. The reserved parking for our zx14’s was a winner to us!
As you are aware what is a run without the Biker and what is a run without the zx14 Owners Club of SA. Thank you all for joining this run. Thank you to the zx14 owners Wessel and Corrie who rode all the way from Pietersburg to join us. Also the lady contingent from Vanderbjlpark and the Megaforce Bike Club who joined us for the second time in a row! And then thank you to all the rest of us who joined the run. What a privilege it was to see the zx14’s of Frank Ueckermann and that he joined the run as well. Thank you to the pillions and your interest in the run.
Thank you Lord for a blessed, enjoyable and safe ride we had.
To me it was a day I will never forget. I was joined by a very good lady friend of mine and time well spent with her. I could not wait to see 30 plus zx14’s together and could not wait to see 30 plus zx14’s headlights switched on. I was like a kid looking and dreaming of something special. What a sight it was, and yes Riaan, now it is a toll order to improve on this record of 32/33 zx14’s together.
Again we averaged a respectable zx14 speed at some stages on the route and we were blessed with good weather the whole day long.
If I measure the core of the zx14 Owners Club of SA, versus the results we experienced that day it all came out true: to boost the zx14 machine, to support the zx14 owner and to make friends.
Once again you are invited to make the concept your own and let us all enjoy the idea. A successful leader does not get to the top without the help of other successful people and leaders around him/her.
And who can forget Riaan’s words during our short briefing just before we left:”We al have the fastest bikes, so what do we need to proof?” Good one Riaan.
BTW, I am experiencing very high pressure from the West Rand zx14 owners to please make the next run more towards the west? Eish! We have so many choices, but we like to ride and we just need to plan the next one.
Keep an eye and ear out for a follow up news letter regarding the definitions of our zx14 runs and the way forward.
Kind regards,

2nd GPZX14 Breakfast Run May 2009

Breakfast Run 29 March 2009 Auto Cradle Estate Magalies.

I am really beyond words and told Slade emotions overcame me today that I didn’t know how to start this newsletter. I am so overwhelmed about what happened today.

In the week we discussed what sort of turnout we would receive and reckoned we would be happy with about 7 x ZX14’s for our first official ZX14 run of this nature, and what happened, we were 16 ZX14’s present! I could not believe my eyes when arriving at our starting venue this morning. I had to look twice to make sure that there really were 16 x ZX14’s and their owners parked in front of me.

Special thanks go out to those that travelled a distance to be with us this morning to make this a momentous occasion. It is greatly appreciated guys.

Of course, nothing comes around by itself and with some ideas and hard work, brought on good results. Firstly, I would like to thank Toby Kurien, a good friend of mine being my mentor in this type of internet industry and was instrumental in helping get our website visible.
Thanks go to my fellow founder members being Chris and Slade whom have assisted in us obtaining our goals of uplifting the ZX14 and their owners. Chris who assisted me in making me http://www.ZX14.mobi">http://www.ZX14.mobi">www.ZX14.mobi business cards for handout, which we handed them out in the past week or so. This has resulted in some recruiting by placing these business cards on parked ZX14 machines at various venues. Slade, for the www.ZX14.mobi
stickers and we will need more of these and again with this being visible new members are sure to follow. Joanne Raubenheimer, a friend in Cape Town who made the golf shirts with our logo for us and she can be contacted on chillijo@iafrica.com. Deon was unfortunately unable to join us today.

A big thank you goes to WOEMA, an Afrikaans forum on the net where we were allowed to advertise this event of ours. Kawasaki dealers who agreed to receive our business cards for distribution. Don’t forget, the Google results of this mobile enabled website are excellent and feature very easily on top when searched.

And once again a Big Thank you to all these ZX14 owners who attended our first official ZX14 breakfast run being unique in SA and should we dare say internationally.

So for the record, our official standing of 16 x ZX14’s for this ZX14 Owners Club of SA is set. What will the next record be? Let us all make an effort to increase these numbers on the next event.

For those that didn’t attend this is how the run progressed.

We left Total Petroport for Magalies on time as planned and I experienced goose bumps when I saw 15 x ZX14’s behind me with all their head lights on. What a sight? I promise all reading this document that the ZX14 breakfast run turned heads this morning. All along the road other friendly bikers were amazed to see as all the ZX14’s went past. I would only imagine how it would have been be to see this from the side of the road. So, WOEMA, you are welcome to come and film these ZX14’s when they are at their best! We are waiting for you. And yes, come what may, and say what you want to, we are proud owners of ZX14’s, and they look awesome.

On our route to Magalies, we encountered the shadow people. You know what I am talking about. Well all 16 x ZX14’s passed them successfully doing respectable ZX14 speed, and this topic will end just here. All must be complemented on your safety and awareness that this run had no incidents.

We took the Lanseria off ramp and eventually the Kromdraai turn off to Magalies. We encountered lots of cyclists, and we were prepared to share the road with them and we made sure that mutual respect was shown to create awareness to them and other road users.

Arrival time at the Auto Cradle Estate was 09:00am as planned and after rearranging some furniture we sat down for breakfast.

Unfortunately, we cannot compliment the management and staff of Auto Cradle Estate for their good service. Although it was arranged two weeks in advance with our intensions to visit their venue for breakfast, they could not deliver and service a group of 24 hungry ZX14 owners. We had three hungry ZX14 owners join us all the way from Heidelberg. We were also joined by ZX14 owners from Carletonville, these owners went through trouble and effort to ride a long way and only wanted to sit down and relax while having a good breakfast. Like them I too have never miss a breakfast and I ended up with one egg and four slices of toast with no butter (not good). We waited a long time for coffee and drinks. The waiters were not up to it. Sorry, South Africa, third world service and we should not accept it. I previously visited the Auto Cradle Estate before and I was satisfied with the service then, but this morning dear readers, bike owners the Auto Cradle Estate was a complete mess! And please take note that I have accredited the Auto Cradle Estate before on the same mobile enabled website of the ZX14 Owners Club of SA.

I took some more pictures and videos just before we left the breakfast venue. You can also access these videos from your cell phone, other than your PC browser.

Some ZX14 owners decided to head straight back home, while the rest of us decided to round off the run by choosing the satellite road option heading to the Krugersdorp highway. I think at this stage most of the ZX14 carburettors were cleaned properly.

Thank you for the compliments received and positive attitude, meaning that we will do this again and most probably beat the record of 16 x ZX14’s together.

Don’t forget to join our internal forum, and keep on adding the ideas. Visit our site with your cell phone browser or PC. Please join in by chatting on the internal forum from your cell phone and making this interactive. On the website you may also join the newsletter mailing list that will keep you updated on new developments.

Kind regards,

1st GP ZX14 Breakfast Run 29 March 2009

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