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ZX14 Owners Run Kitty Hawk Aerodrome in Boschkop Pretoria

ZX14 Owners Run Kitty Hawk Aerodrome in Boschkop Pretoria

This is the plan:

Starting venue: Ultra Shell North Ben Schoeman towards Pretoria. We start slightly later than usual, this is to accommodate the Vaaltriangle members where possible if they wish to join.

We leave the starting venue at 09:15 sharp.

We ride then via highway to Rigel Avenue offramp and take the Delmas road. We turn left in Bapsfontein and pass Que serra for Bronkhorstspruit. From Bronkhorstspruit we go via Ekandustria, Cullinan, Rayton and then Boschkop to the end venue.

Although the route is not that unfamiliar, the end venue Kitty Hawk Aerodrome is brand new spot to visit.

While you have breakfast from a cheap but quality menu, you enjoy the winter sun and watch small earoplanes land and take off right infront of you from the oppsite lawn.There are top of the range earoplanes, like singleseaters and gyro copters to view. Of course we hope for good weather .

Once done with the breakfast, we go back to Pretoria via the old Pretoria Bronkhorstspruit road which was recently maintained. At Silverlakes in Pretoria we take the N4 highway back to Pretoria and eventually in circle back to Ben Schoeman to complete the sircle.

It is a long route like 200 Kilos but be sure with more than one fast stretches.

It is always good to know who is going to join the run, because I would like to warn the Kitty Hawk restaurant in time and to allow them to prepare them for whatever total we arrive there in numbers. 

For e.g. not to run out of Old Brown Sherry stock!

Kind regards.


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