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JR Racing Presentation

This event will be held at the premises of JR Racing , which is Zwartkops raceway in Pretoria.

The presentation, by the owner Roland, will start at 11:00 in the morning. Most probably lasting not more than a hour I guess at this stage.

This means that we can make a run out of this event by all meeting up at the BLOCKHOUSE on the road called R59. For the Gauteng members, it means blockhouse left, turn off first off ramp called RANDVAAL, and back to the blockhouse towards Pta to meet up.

Most probably some members in Pretoria can meet up as well meeting up with other areas as we head for the blockhouse. 

We can quickly enjoy a coffee and then depart for Zwartkop on the latest 10:00 AM.

I will add details regarding  snacks, lunch or canteen information.

Please invite all other ZX14 owners who are still not on our list or are still not participating in our whatsup group chat.


A lekker announcement for the upcoming event!

Marc, please correct me, if some of this information should not be accurate.

If you attend the JRracing presenation (Woolich software)  on the 23rd of August 2015 and you bring along R1400 in cash, then you will be able to buy awesome SBK racing sunglasses from Marc Gillrossi, who is of course a member on this forum.

But, if your zx14, gets chosen as the best looking ZX14 for this event, you are going to get such a pair of glasses for free, sponsored by Marc Giltrow(Gillrossi). Now how is that for a prize!

Also, if you attend, Marc will hand out a small gift to you.

Ok, I will be the judge looking for the best looking zx14 during this event. I think my criteria will be:

  1. Cleanliness of your zx14 (is that the correct word?)
  2. How aftermarket hardware/parts are utilised and mounted if applicable
  3. I will think of more criteria as we go along.

So it’s important that we get the zx14’s parked in a row to make it easier for me to walk through the parked zx14’s.  I still don’t know where specifically Roland will hold the presentation, but at least we know there should be ample parking available towards the track area I think. I will confirm this with Roland, because may be other activities takes place on that day during our event.

I think this action of finding the best looking zx14 will only take place after the presentation from Roland.

Once again, thank you Marc , for sponsoring such a valuable item for this event.

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