+ What bike must I have to join this ZX14 Owners Association of SA?

+ I do own a ZX14 and I belong to other bike clubs as well. Can I join this ZX14 Owners Association of SA?

+ Is there an appointed committee structure to this zx14 Owners Association SA?

+ I would like to know the capacity of the fuel tank on the ZX14? Ive read on other sites the tank is about 22l but when on empty my tank takes 18l to fill up. Secondly I have pc3 and penta pipes and im getting 200-230km on a tank, I would like to know wat milage is normal on a tank?

+ TELEGRAM chat forum

+ How do I join the K1400 Owners of SA?

+ Why can I not open the number graphics file?

+ What is the K1400 Owners SA Account information?

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