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The second newsletter in 2017 since number allocation.
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K1400 Owners SA 2/17 - 2017-05-02

Our second newsletter in 2017 since we sarted the allocated numbers in the group: Newsletter 2/2017 K1400 Owners SA, A sincere welcome to all member’s country wide. A sincere thank you and appreciation for all effort by each member, from recruiting up to paid up fees and members who constantly assist in organizing zx14 get toget... more

K1400 Owners SA 2017 - 2017-03-03

K1400 Owners SA, This is our very first newsletter from the web and from the Boeties in Planning. With this, I merely test all technical stuff is in place. We have lots and lots to report, but right now, basics first and just to see all technical jargon is working. Well, I have some news: I bought and obtained the domain name www.zx14.c... more

ZX14 Nat BF2016 - 2016-03-02

ZX14 Owners (, If you have received this email, you are eligable for a sponsored draw on this coming 6 March 2016 zx14 event. Thank you for your particpation in this upcoming event! Here then with this email just a few pieces of detail to make your upcoming run a most enjoyable run. Please print your online ticket order. B... more

ZX14 Owners Club of SA 2014 - 2014-01-28

ZX14 Owners of SA, The way forward for the ZX14 Owners Club of SA 2014. I trust you are all well. I am late this year, but I hope you started the New Year with great enthusiasm and gusto, and that you have enjoyed a good holiday festive season late December 2013. Fact, we did not get together enough in 2013 at all, but we will keep on t... more

ZX14 Parys - 2013-11-18

Sunday 17 November 2013 was an excellent awesome sunshine day for a zx14 breakfast run. So we decided to head for Parys. Colin Ton met up with me at the Block house garage and Piet with his pillion Synobia met us at Shell Sasolburg. After breakfast in Parys, we turned back the same route. Colin turned of towards Randburg and Piet and I hea... more

ZX14 Buddy Run Eastcoast Motorcycles - 2013-10-20

On 13 October 2013 we had a breakfast run with eastcoast Mootrcycles staff and customers. Although we did not had a long run, it was just great to be together and to enjoy an early breakfast very close to the beach in Ballito Bay. First we enjoyed the usuall cup of coffee and off we go. Thank you to all the staff of Eastcoast for their fin... more

Eastcoastmotorcycles - 2013-09-12

ZX14 Owners of SA and in particular the KZN ZX14 owners, I had the opportunity recently to visit Eastcoastmotorcycles and to meet up with the staff. What a bunch of passionate people they are. Then I also met Alan Gainsford who is the motorcycle technician appointed at Eastcoastmotorcycles. Passion and energy is shining out of Alan stra... more

ZX14 Owners Run Aerodrome Kitty Hawk Boschkop Pretoria - 2013-06-27

ZX14 Owners of SA, ZX14 Owners Run Aerodrome Kitty Hawk Boschkop Pretoria  The link above will guide you to the events calendar. The following link will guide you to the survey: Survey to be submitted Please submit before or not later than Wednesday 3 July 2013 and join the run. Please feel welcome to envite any other zx14 ow... more

ZX14 2012 Special Edition 333km/h Speedweek Upington - 2013-05-08

ZX14 Owners of SA, What a pleasure to forward you this letter written by Gavin Russell in KZN. I quote: Hi Freddie, Nice to see a group of enthusiastic riders braving the cold early morning air. At The end of April I left Durban and went to the All Tar Speedweek in Upington to see what my bike can really do on top end.  During the ... more

My New 2012 ZX14 - 2012-10-27

 ZX14 Owners of SA, So I have my new 2012 ZX14 quicker than I thought.  For some reason I was not in a rush to get the new 2012 ZX14, but surely I am not unhappy to own one right now! May be one of the reasons for not being in a rush, was the fact that the trade in value on my blue zx14 was so low. The highest offer I got from dealers ... more

ZX14 Owners Club of SA going into 2012 - 2012-01-09

 ZX14 Owners Club of SA going into 2012 ZX14 Owners, Rather late than never. Compliments to the seasons! For me the year 2011 was one of the most occupied years ever regarding Sep, Oct, Nov and December 2011. I just could not get to all I wanted to do and consequently certain aspects got lost along the way. But they say: “One ... more

22nd October 2011 - "Come show your piece" Day - 2011-09-26

We have been asked to brag about our pieces of art at a family day at Vereeniging on the 22nd of October.  We have already approached CIT Vanderbijlpark to join us for the day, but need YOUR ZX14 as one of the main attractions for the day.  We will be using this opportunity as a marketing day for the Vaal Triangle ZX14 Club.  Please ... more

National Event 2011 - 2011-08-16

 ZX14 Owners, National Event 2011 About a week and a half ago, we have asked you to reply on a survey to determine the interest in our National Event. As previously mentioned, this was a second survey done. We first need to thank the ZX14 Owners who replied/submitted their information on time and online to assist us in determinin... more

- 2011-08-07

 National Event ZX14 Owners of SA Introduction: It is now almost three years since the inception of the ZX14 Owners Club of SA. Although we managed to enjoy get together’s, meetings and breakfast runs in these past years, it is now time for the national event. Hopefully this national event would assist us in growing of our membership c... more

East Coast Kawasaki - 2011-05-24

 Dear Ken  The club has earned itself R473.27.   Please refer credit note M00110.  To: KZN ZX14 CLUB                                                               ... more

ZX14 Recall Invitation - 2011-04-07

ZX14 Owners of SA, Please visit the documents and brochures page on the website to peruse the pdf. file detail regarding this communication.  Although the following matter is widely published on this website and is always widely discussed between ZX14 owners, it can do no harm to keep on emphasizing this particular re... more

ZX14 Owners Club of SA Membership Application 2011 - 2011-04-04

 ZX14 Owners of SA, As you are aware we have mentioned and discussed the membership application in previous newsletters, but now the completed membership application form for 2011 is available on the website for you to submit your detail. The application can also be done via your WAP enabled cell phone browser. Please don't forget to u... more

8th GP ZX14 Breakfast run 13 March 2011 - 2011-03-14

 Newsletter 14 March 2011-03-14 ZX14 Owners of SA, The scheduled zx14 breakfast runs are now happening fast and furious. Both the newly established chapters, KZN and Vaaltriangle, hosted their second successful zx14 breakfast runs. The 8th GP run was also successfully enjoyed this past weekend. The latest photos and comments regarding t... more

1st KZN ZX14 Breakfastrun Jan 2011 - 2011-02-03

Our first official run for the KZN ZX14 club was held on the 30.01.2011 and kicked off from the roof-top pub, the Firkin, at the Pavilion shopping centre. We had a good turnout for our first event even if half of the bikes there were from the Vaal. We made our way up the N3 and then branched off onto the M13 through Pine Town, then up the twisty Fi... more

Charity Project ZX14 Owners and Solidariteit 2011 - 2011-01-23

The following is a copy of an email I sent to the various entities regarding our Charity Project: @ Sandra en Barbara,   Thank you both so much for your assistance regarding the zx14 Owners Club of SA. Sandra and Johan, the  VT2 breakfast run, this morning was excellent. Thank you Barbara for your assisted substitution this morning re... more

Membership Fees ZX14 Owners Club of SA 2011 - 2011-01-23

ZX14 Owners Club of SA 15 January 2011 Membership Fees ZX14 Owners Club of SA 2011 By this time you must have read our first newsletter for 2011 We recently held our second EXCO meeting since the inception of the zx14 Owners Club of SA and it was during the first meeting and now confirmed during the second meeting (Jan 2011) that membe... more

ZX14 Owners Club riding into 2011 - 2011-01-06

  ZX14 Owners, Compliments to the season! I am very optimistic for the year 2011 and the zx14 Owners Club of SA in particular.  Last year I had the opportunity to meet up once again with Chris Speight Head of Kawasaki in SA. I also had the opportunity to meet the Technical Advisor of Kawasaki SA. Some aspects that were discussed with... more

Vaal Triangle First Major Breakfast Run - 21st November 2010 - 2010-11-22

The day started early for some of the Gauteng guys since Johan met them at Blockhouse at 08:00 to escort them to our starting venue for our very own 1st Vaal Triangle breakfast run - Kawasaki Vaal Triangle in Vanderbijlpark (Otto 016 981-7233).  We met the rest of the crew there and after a lekker koppie boeretroos and cookies (thank you ... more

2010 November 14 Structuring the ZX14 Owners Club of SA - 2010-11-14

A mile stone! Today, 14 November 2010 the first full formal structure of the Kawasaki ZX14 Owners Club of SA was put in place. We invited regular ZX14 Owners to get together with the goal of strengthining the ZX14 Owners Club of SA. Thank you to those who attended this meeting During this first formal structure mee... more

Things my motorcycle has taught me - 2010-09-23

The only good view of a thunderstorm is in your rear view mirror. People ask us why we ride a motorcycle. For those who have experienced the joy, no explanation is necessary; for those who have not, no explanation is possible. Four wheels move the body; two wheels move the soul. Most motorcycle problems are caused by the nut that connects t... more

ZX14 Scale Models 1:12 Limited Stock available now! - 2010-09-22

We have only 4 scale models available at this stage!   Please contact Johan Pretorius (083 320 7716)  for bank details.  First 4 payments received will guarentee your ZX14 scale model. Price:  R180  (EXCL Postage). BUT . . . we can still order, although delivery can take up to 2 months! (Income will be utilise... more

Gauteng 6th ZX14 run from Krugersdorp to Cullinan 15 August 2010 - 2010-08-24

ZX14 Owners, Thank you all who attended the 6th zx14 run from Krugersdorp to Cullinan. In one sentence:   It was great and successful! We were 26 x zx14’s together. We want to thank you all for submitting the request to indicate your attendance. Believe me; it really helped us in administration and to plan such an event. W... more

Newsletter August 2010 - 2010-08-02

Good news!  The temperature is starting to warm up and one of these days is time to ride without the fear of frost bite!  Our next upcoming event is the 6th Gauteng Breakfast Run on the 15th of August from X-rated bikes to Premier Hotel Cullinan.  Please submit the survey form (if you haven’t done so yet) on the site ... more

Please complete the survey for the Gauteng's 6th Major ZX14 Owners Only run - 15 August 2010 - 2010-07-23

Please click on the link below to complete the survey for the Gauteng's 6th Major ZX14 Owners Only run on the 15th of August 2010: Survey 15 August   The survey can also be accessed under the sub headings on the righthand side of the screen second from the bottom (Green blocks)  ... more

July 2010 Newsletter - 2010-07-05

ZX14 Club Owners of SA, Good news!  Our events calendar has been updated till end  2010 with the Gauteng and Vaal Triangle dates  -  Keep these days open,  more detail to follow soon!  We are also in the process to establish a new regional team in KZN with Leon Taljaard  -  KZN members, watch this space! Al... more

June 2010 Newsletter - 2010-06-08

ZX14 Club Owners of SA, Welcome to all our new members.  Our www. site and club is starting to grow and getting a bit more structured with the appointment of our new club secretary, Sandra Pretorius.  You can forward queries, comments, suggestions, pics and videos directly to her (contact details on site).  Emails were sent... more

Frans Kohne Project Feedback 21 May 2010 - 2010-05-21

Hi Freddy,    Just a note, after a long struggle, my 14 is running, I would just like to tell you that there are some "mac's" and there are some good "mac's" after all the body work was fixed I had a electrical problem, heatgauge 3 bars up 3 bars down, well according to the workshop manual it said that &quo... more

Third Major ZX14 Only Run 26 July 2009 - 2009-06-19

Third Major ZX14 Only Run 26 July 2009 Owners ZX14’s in SA aka We are going to ride again, and the date is set for 26 July 2009 09:00 sharp. Starting venue Xrated Bikes in Krugersdorp Directions and we will point the zx14’s to either Parys or Potchefstroom (confirmation to follow so... more

The Way Forward - 2009-05-28

Zx14 Owners Club of SA aka Ladies and Gents zx14 owners, I really hope that I am not bombarding you unnecessary with newsletters at this stage. This website zx14 club concept/idea is now closely running to five months of existence, and what a pleasure to announce the positive feedback and huge... more

Zx14 Run 24 May 2009 Fourways to Premier Hotel Cullinan - 2009-05-25

In stead of writing a lengthy newsletter, I can use the testimonials received from zx14 owners who joined the run. In short it was a well organized run, we received a cap, and our breakfast tables were reserved as well as zx14 parking space. The breakfast was sublime. Live band music for entertainment. Coffee was available at Kawasaki Fourw... more

Second Major ZX14 Breakfast Run 24 May 2009 - 2009-04-28

Are you ready for our next major run, ZX14’s only? You are invited to please join us on our second major ZX14’s only breakfast run organised by the ZX14 Owners Club of South Africa. On our first run we were 16 x ZX14’s together, and this time my feeling tells me we should be around 30 x ZX14&rsquo... more

ZX14 Breakfast Run 29 March 2009 - 2009-03-29

Breakfast Run 29 March 2009 Auto Cradle Estate Magalies. I am really beyond words and told Slade emotions overcame me today that I didn’t know how to start this newsletter. I am so overwhelmed about what happened today. In the week we discussed what sort of turnout we would receive and rec... more

ZX14 Breakfast Run - 2009-03-10

Dear ZX14 Owner, A Kawasaki ZX14 breakfast run is planned for Sunday morning 29th of March 2009. The idea is to depart from the Petroport on the Krugersdorp highway as a starting venue, and end up at Auto Cradle Estate Magalies area as our end venue. 08:15 for 08:30 sharp! The idea of this run would be to ... more

Breakfast Run Lemon Tree Cullinan 01 Feb 2009 - 2009-02-01

Congratulations! 200 RPM's clocked!Our breakfast run this morning was different.The weather was just perfect with signs of rain but this held firm. This type of temperature really makes the ZX14 perform significantly better. Well , that is my thoughts about the way my zx14 performed.To refelect on the past week the following has happened. I f... more

ZX14 Breakfast Run - 2009-01-12

Hi All.I think we are going to do it! I recently had the privilege to meet a representative from Kawasaki SA and he is also a proud owner of a zx14. I met him at Que Serra while his zx14 was dyno tested and others bikes too. Riaan is also a registered zx14 owner on this zx14 owners club of SA. You can see pictures of the dyno test and a video in th... more

Friendship - 2009-01-11

This is dedicated to Toby Kurien.(The friend who taught me the idea of this very own mobile enabled web site) My idea of a breakfast run with my zx14 ended up being a breakfast run of another variety, a good kind of breakfast. That type of breakfast that two friends need to share.My idea was to go and say hello to Toby, have a quick breakfast with... more

Franz Kohne - 2009-01-02

This is the way the cookie crumbles. Newsletters can be good news or bad news, and this time it is a sad one!Franz Kohne, a ZX14 owner in Harrismith Freestate, joined this zx14 Owners Club of SA, but with a rather sad story attached to it.From the piccies of the plasma blue ZX14 we can see the damage done to the zx14. The good news is that Franz is... more

Just do it! - 2008-12-24

Since my last run, I promised myself to re run the same route we have done with the Rockriders members.I was very impressed with this route from Pretoria to and past the Auto Cradle Estate in the Magaliesberg area. The road surface is really good, and the route consists with lots of corners and long high speed sections and don’t forget the ni... more

ZX14 Wisdom! - 2008-12-20

Wisdom and a ZX14.This news letter is dedicated to Chris Swanepoel, a member of the Rockriders Bikers Club in Pretoria!My breakfast run on the 19th December 2008, with a few members of the Rockriders Bike Club, summarized in a nutshell:1. Chris Swanepoel’s wisdom: “ Ride your own pace, and never forget that! Then you will be able to rid... more

Breakfast Run to the Auto Cradle Estate - 2008-12-14

Breakfast Run to the Auto Cradle EstateDecember 2008 07:30 am and of course I must be on a mission! It is a good reason to start up the zx14.I notice on the net, that some people call the mufflers of the zx14 “rocket mufflers”. Some like it some don’t. I like it and deal with it, so the rocket was fired up again.I left Pretoria on... more

Breakfast Run Premier Hotel in Cullinan 6 December 2008 - 2008-12-07

You don't understand!How can I convey an abstract experience to you by trying to describe the feeling of riding the zx14? You have to ride the zx14 your self.I was joined by a good friend. He was riding a trike, and me the zx14. We had a good ride to Cullinan from Pretoria. We left about 09:00. Most of the time our speed was 120 km/h and occas... more

Toy Run November 2008 - 2008-12-02

This Toy Run was my first toy run. So I could not wait to attend this run and to see what the hype was all about. Goodness me, I have never seen so much bikes together in my life. Once on the road on our way to the end venue, I had to look back to confirm that I am not dreaming. Kilometers and kilometers of bikes with their lights switched on of co... more

Comments - 2008-11-25

I just received this comment, about my posted zx14 video clip featuring on You Tube, from a dude somewhere in the world trying to tell me something. I am open for comments, if I can learn out of it. I replied to him to please define his comment more clearly. Any one out there who wants to comment on this comments? You welcome.You Tube Comment on my... more

Sunday Afternoon ride turning into a Sunday Night Ride - 2008-11-23

An awesome ride again!!I could not wait for this Sunday afternoon and could not wait to get the zx 14 started. Eventually time was right and I left home in Centurion to fill the fuel tank of the Kawasaki Ninja zx 14. Once that was done, I was on the road towards the EIland, a place close to Roodeplaat Dam. I drove on the Pietersburg freeway as we s... more

Breakfast Run Cullinan 16 Nov 2008 - 2008-11-16

It was a week of long rain and no sunshine. So I could not wait to start up the zx14 for a breakfast run to Cullinan. What an awesome ride it was. I drove on my own. I think the days will come when I can meet up with other zx14 owners in Centurion and in the surroundings of Centurion. Again it was confirmed to myself what awesome bike the zx 14 is.... more

Confusion no more - 2008-11-06

Yes believe it or not! Confused I am since I bought my ZX14 in September 2008.The dealer also struggled to compare prices with the various year models. Eventually for the price I payed I believe I bought a 2007 year model. Which did not bother me at all and will not bother me in future. My reason for this is simply that the bike is powerful enough ... more

Kawasaki Ninja zx14 Owners of SA - 2008-11-05

This site is newly opened and should take time to be viewed by all concerned. Feel free to join the newsletter mailing list. Feel free to participate in the mobile forum. The mobile forum is an awesome application. Post and reply from your cell phone or pc.Motorbike listings available to bring the potential buyer to the seller while saving some tim... more

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