Breakfast Run Cullinan 16 Nov 2008

It was a week of long rain and no sunshine. So I could not wait to start up the zx14 for a breakfast run to Cullinan. What an awesome ride it was. I drove on my own. I think the days will come when I can meet up with other zx14 owners in Centurion and in the surroundings of Centurion. Again it was confirmed to myself what awesome bike the zx 14 is. So solid on the road. it is like the weight of the bike is positive to the road handling. It is difficult for me to describe this abstract feeling of solidness of the zx14. it gives me that confidence to enjoy the ride.

Well, my zx14 needs a service and I have to arrange this, this coming week. Speed was varying between 120 and *** and the fuel consumption just fine (according to my standards).

I took some piccies of the other zx14's which arrived in Cullinan. (recently added pics).

After the breakfast and three cups of caffiene, I took off again back to Centurion. This time around I had to stop halfway at some garage to clean my visor. It was hit by a big alien type of thing and I said to myself there is no way I am driving back whith such scrap on my visor preventing my view and limit my riding experiences.

I arrived safely at home. It was just great. Ready for the next one (hope the fuel price is coming down).

Freddie Snijman

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