Sunday Afternoon ride turning into a Sunday Night Ride

An awesome ride again!!

I could not wait for this Sunday afternoon and could not wait to get the zx 14 started.

Eventually time was right and I left home in Centurion to fill the fuel tank of the Kawasaki Ninja zx 14. Once that was done, I was on the road towards the EIland, a place close to Roodeplaat Dam.

I drove on the Pietersburg freeway as we still know it today. Although driving at 130/140km/h, and from the south to the north is no uphill country, the zx 14 electronics displayed 18.6 km/liter, which I think is impressive for the zx 14.

I had a lovely day with good friends and their family at the Eiland. Awesome music by Marius, the whole day long. So much so, I left the Eiland at dark, but I could not wait for this evening ride again. It was my second time I drove the zx 14 at night time. I was curios to see the effectiveness of the dim lighting of the zx 14 compared to just before it went for the first 1000 km service. I was and still is dissapointed. I need to call on the dealer to query the settings of the dims lighting of the zx14, The dim settings are mot effective at all. I can only see about 20 meters infront of me, which means you can't see far enough ahead and you consequently have to slow down to make out in front of you.

Anyway, the ride was still awesome. Again I can only try and describe an abstract feeling I experienced when driving this zx14 machine. It just feels so solid on the road. Yes, it does give me that confidence needed , although I know that this confidence must be appreciated differently preventing me from making a mistake with the Bike,

I arrived home safely, I cant wait for the next moment to turn that key on the zx14!.

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