Toy Run November 2008

This Toy Run was my first toy run. So I could not wait to attend this run and to see what the hype was all about. Goodness me, I have never seen so much bikes together in my life. Once on the road on our way to the end venue, I had to look back to confirm that I am not dreaming. Kilometers and kilometers of bikes with their lights switched on of course. What a site!

I must admit that I was initially afraid of riding between these masses of bikers, being afraid of easy bumping and ending up in an accident, but it went very well. First thing I realized was that the superbikes all behaved by staying in their respective places in the convoy. I mean, how slow does a super biker (zx14) want to go?

Our run to the end venue was very well organized compared to what I have heard from friends who started off in Silverton Pretoria. I believe they detoured for some reason and I can only imagine the extra fuel used by them.
What I liked about the end venue was the good parking spots for all bikes, ample of parking inside the event area and knowing your bike is safe and not getting dirt from a scrappy ground dust parking lot. I used to visit this end venue previous years when it was and still is used for car shows, international shows and alike, but sure thing there was more Bikers present compared to what these shows could ever deliver on one certain time.

We immediately order wors (boere) rolls from the very first stall we could put our hands on, but o goodness it was very pricey . Also we had to enjoy a cold beer and needless to say that was also pricey! Luckily we were not standing in long queues for the ordered food, but closer to lunch time we noticed queues becoming longer as Bikers wants to fill their bellies.

We delivered our toys to hall 6 with big proud! It felt good and the cause of these toys is good.

Will I do it again? For sure I will, but may be this time I will pack my own “toebroodjies” (toobies) and drinks.

And did I see zx14’s? Of cause lots of them, from year 2006 up to 2009. (Accompanying picture).

Thanks to Gordon and Ellmari who allowed me to follow them safely to the starting point in Randburg.


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