My New 2012 ZX14

 ZX14 Owners of SA,

So I have my new 2012 ZX14 quicker than I thought. 

For some reason I was not in a rush to get the new 2012 ZX14, but surely I am not unhappy to own one right now!

May be one of the reasons for not being in a rush, was the fact that the trade in value on my blue zx14 was so low. The highest offer I got from dealers were R50 000 up to R55 000 if I am lucky, so called by the dealers. Therefore I was contemplating to sell my zx14 out of hand.

But then Riaan from Fourways Motorcycles made me a better offer than R55 000 and a good deal on the new 2012 zx14 and I signed the documentation.

Surely a lot of 2012 zx14 reviews are out there, but let me try in simple terms to describe or discuss a few issues or items or differences compared to my 2007 model.


It feels like my legs are more upwards towards me than the 2007 model. In other word I am sitting lower. There is however no doubt that the seating is way better and more comfortable. Also, when my pillion is with me, there is a bigger space between the pillion and myself on the the seat is perhaps longer? I can be totally wrong. I did not measure the seat in length. We know it is wider. Also, when seated on the new 2012, it feels like the bike is "thinner" between the knees(against the fuel tank). I must admit I actually like this feeling very much.

I plus point is the pillion heel rest platforms fitted. Awesome stuff and Irene just cant stop talking about the heel rest on top of the 2 brothers. Also this makes me happy because no more boot nails scratches onto the 2 brother pipes like before.

The fairing from the riding position seems to me more arr-owed shaped in stead of the roundness of the 2007 model. I like it. I still need to confirm the feeling of getting slightly less wind resistance with the new 2012 zx14 compared to the 2007 model while both is fitted with aftermarket screens.( Yes it is. I tuck in way easier behind the screen and with less wind resistance 03/11/2012)

With the 2007 model, I remember very well the heat from the engine against my legs (and in winter when needed..nothing). That to me was annoying. With the 2012 zx14, the heat situation against the legs are reduced at least by 50%.

With the zx14 set in L mode and in K3 mode regarding traction control, which I believe is most probably the slowest setting for this new zx14, I am still able to accelerating faster and feels way stronger when pulling away from the 2007 models and it starts happening on 220 k's. And while I am not a burner on a bike, it was effortless to increase the gap, also with a pillion while doing this. I did  not try the other sport mode settings at all or a combination of the settings yet.  

The gearbox. It is perfect, meaning the transition from first to second is super smooth. 

The rest of the gearbox is way smoother.

I had my zx14 on the race track 02/11/2012 and the mode button set to F and K2. I could feel the difference in overall acceleration. 

Instrumentation: Way easier, specifically when resetting the values like trip meters and average fuel consumption. Also, when fuel empty display blinking, the rest of the computer instrumentation like gears indication etc. can still be viewed. On the previous zx14 that was annoying not to be able to read the instrumentation when fuel indicator low.



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