Just do it!

Since my last run, I promised myself to re run the same route we have done with the Rockriders members.
I was very impressed with this route from Pretoria to and past the Auto Cradle Estate in the Magaliesberg area. The road surface is really good, and the route consists with lots of corners and long high speed sections and don’t forget the nice country side viewing.

With the previous trip, I approached one of the corners with to much of a high speed, resulting that corner to really become “to short” for me and I felt that I was in trouble for a moment. I saved my self and the situation by keeping calm and naturally leaned over to the side when the zx14 started to behave it should be by successfully exiting the corner. It was a close call for me and I remember my mouth ended up very dry during this episode.It is from this that I learned a very hard lesson from Chris: “ride your own pace and never forget that” You see, I was trying to keep up with the faster riders and not knowing the route, nearly ended up in big trouble.

Since then I had the urge to rerun this route, even if it is on my own. I could not wait for the next opportunity to just do this route again. So, this morning, about 07:30 am, the day before Christmas, I stood up early and got the zx14 started to warm up.

It looked like raining again since the heavy thunderstorm of the previous evening, but the weather hold nicely.
I started the route on the Krugersdorp highway with speed up to **** km/h until the Lanseria off ramp. From there I took it much slower because there was already early morning taxi traffic. Then I took the Kromdraai turn off and really started the nice part of this route. So this time I am going to do it on my own pace and I am going to enjoy it. Well, it went so good; I couldn’t even remember the troubled corner from the last trip. I travelled closed to the Auto Cradle Estate turn off, and turned right to the Hekpoort/Broederstroom area. This route was straighter speed stretches but still a very good road to travel on. Eventually I stopped alongside the road to take a break. Looking at the clock on the zx14 instrument panel, I noticed I have done lots of kilometers in 40 minutes.

I decided to take exactly the same route back and to enjoy the very same corners once again and it can only be another opportunity to learn.

I arrived home safely! Fuel consumption of the zx14 was 16.5 km/l, which impressed me once again; worth the money and effort.

Now I can go into Christmas Day, relax with my parents and looking forward to Sunday’s upcoming breakfast run.

Freddie Snijman

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