This is dedicated to Toby Kurien.(The friend who taught me the idea of this very own mobile enabled web site)

My idea of a breakfast run with my zx14 ended up being a breakfast run of another variety, a good kind of breakfast. That type of breakfast that two friends need to share.

My idea was to go and say hello to Toby, have a quick breakfast with him, and from there I would leave for Premier in Cullinan.

The weather man predicted 80% rain for Gauteng, so in the back of my mind I knew that Premier Cullinan is not going to materialize, but I wanted to start the zx14 any way and I wanted to join up with Toby. So I left home for the Ben Schoeman and the zx14 immediately reflects its smooth running capabilities in the cool rainy weather. Close to my meet up point with Toby it started to rain and I just parked the zx14 in time not to get wet that badly and we settled for a table under a big umbrella.

While having our breakfast it started to rain and looking up at the thick clouds I knew Premier won’t be in sight today and there was a very good reason for that.

We sat down and really started to chat about very important things in our lives, and as you aware of you need special times in your life with a special friend to relate to about certain issues.

Firstly, we “changed” the war in the Gaza in 30 minutes
With that goes the learning curve about communication and when not to post on FB or our Nissan 200sx forum for that matter. Lmao.

It was very interesting to hear how Toby set up his brothers (who is a successful dentist in Cape Town) computer network for his surgery rooms in Cape Town.
We paid for the breakfast bill, chatted some more and noticed how the parked zx14 attracts attention from the shoppers passing by, and oehhhh I just love that. Some guy even took pictures. Makes you proud of being a zx14 owner in SA hey?

Eventually we ordered two coffees again.

Luckily I left back home with the roads dried up, and that put me at ease. But while driving out of the open parking area, in first gear feet just positioned on the feet rest, some 4 x 4 decided to reverse out of his parking bay and you know the rest of the story. My hart stopped beating and I got passed safely! This taught me something from parking lots and what to look out for next time when I am in a similar situation again.

The short ride back from Midrand went well and I had to abstain from constantly touching the **** km/h mark on the speedometer, because again the zx14 performed so well with the cool air of the day.

Toby for me this was a good breakfast run spent well with you and I wish you all of the best with your thinking processes that you are busy with.

See you


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