ZX14 2012 Special Edition 333km/h Speedweek Upington

ZX14 Owners of SA,

What a pleasure to forward you this letter written by Gavin Russell in KZN.

I quote:

Hi Freddie, Nice to see a group of enthusiastic riders braving the cold early morning air.

At The end of April I left Durban and went to the All Tar Speedweek in Upington to see what my bike can really do on top end.  During the three days I was there I met other ZX 14 Riders, Some local riders and others that traveled from Jhb to be there. I met Peter with his Blue 2012 Ninja ZX14 and there were two other Green 2012 riders aswewell as myself on my Green Special edition.

I was only going for a time in the naturally aspirated  category, no turbo or Nos on my bike, or any other ZX14 bike there, this is testament to the fact that we don’t need those extras to make our bikes go fast.

I fitted a rev de-restrictor to allow my bike to rev above 10 000RPM in 6th gear, a Power commander 5 to correct the air fuel mixture, I fitted twobrothers carbon Black edition Slip on exhausts ( what a sound During Full acceleration)  a BMC air filter and I reduced the Rear Sprocket from 42 to 38 teeth.  I removed the mirrors and the numberplate assembly and the tool kit (just in case it made a difference)

Once all the preperations were done and I went for scruitineering I was now ready for the Upington Airport runway. A 5,5Km Tar surface in perfect condition, no potholes, no traffic, just one straight stripe for  4km to the speed trap and 1,5km to slow down. The bike accelerated off the line perfectly and gear changes were at 11000 RPM  in each gear. When I was changing from 5th to sixth I was already at 290kmh, the rest was tuck my knees  and elbows in and put my head down hand wait for the line……  what a feeling of excitement and exiliration to be able to hold the throttle open and just enjoy the ride, WOW!!   My recorded speed at the trap was 333kmh!  I did it,  I achieved my goal, or as close as I could get. Before I left I ran the Bike on a Dyno and got a speed reading of 336Kmh  so to achieve 333Kmh on the road was a real bonus for me and My Kawasaki Ninja ZX14 Special Edition

The over all top time went to Saki on his turbo Busa 380Kmh,  he has 600Hp

Another Busa with nos ran 359Kmh  over 400 Hp

Regards  and Ride Safe Always.

My Wife Debra took this Photo.

Gavin Russell

Quote closed:

Kind rgards



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