Breakfast Run Lemon Tree Cullinan 01 Feb 2009

Congratulations! 200 RPM's clocked!

Our breakfast run this morning was different.

The weather was just perfect with signs of rain but this held firm. This type of temperature really makes the ZX14 perform significantly better. Well , that is my thoughts about the way my zx14 performed.

To refelect on the past week the following has happened. I fitted a brand new blue tinted visor to the helmet and as a result couldn't see the speedometer? (That is the theory of Slade), ending in me doing over 200RPM's, (You know what I mean) and it was an awesome feeling. Gone were the days when I was still respectable. (Quoted by Chris)

So we sat down for breakfast at the Lemon Tree and immediately got introduced to management. What's nice is that we meet new people every Sunday when we ride. The service was excellent due to Des and Slade making sure the waiters did their job.

After the breakfast we did our normal routine, riding off to Que Serra for another soft drink. Yes , I said soft drink!

At Que Serra I took pictures of more than two ZX14's together for the first time since the creation of this mobile enabled web site. I even parked my ZX14 closer to the other two zx14's for better piccies. I can't wait for the day when we will be able to take piccies of ten and more ZX14's together, because that is what it is all about; "THE ZX14"

And don't forget, the ZX14 models (girls) idea is kicking off seriously now, I hope. Hehhehheeee...

The ride back home was excellent too, and we are always thankful to arrive home safely.

Thanks Slade, his Dad Des, Stefan and Andrew for an excellent breakfast run.


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