K1400 Owners SA 2/17

Our second newsletter in 2017 since we sarted the allocated numbers in the group:

Newsletter 2/2017

K1400 Owners SA,

A sincere welcome to all member’s country wide.

A sincere thank you and appreciation for all effort by each member, from recruiting up to paid up fees and members who constantly assist in organizing zx14 get together and 14 rides.

Thank you for participating in this group.


One apparent reason for the current positive atmosphere and activities in the K1400 Owners SA group is the structure and planning section. Once again thank you to Christo Jordaan acting more than just a coach to me regarding our mission and vision. Thank you very much to the others also included in the planning section. We also make use of a third whats app forum where all Boeties in planning are trying to make your stay within the group as pleasant as possible, therefore thank you once again to George Thomas, George Morrison, Chris Venter, Harold and Ria Strydom , Peter, Wilke ,Johan van Schalkwyk as well as KZN Gavin and Malcolm. Thank you to Wynand, Harold and Peter who take leadership with various runs.

Please take note, we are also looking for similar leadership in Limpopo, North West and Mpumalanga (vacant).


Currently we are 118 paid up members. In other words, R100 paid and number allocated.

Thank you to each one always constantly recruiting new 14’s into the group. I started to distribute business cards where and when possible between members to distribute as you think well.


At this stage the events calendar on the website ( also applicable) is up to date regarding detail and will be updated more as we go along. One change though is Johan Human’s service kit is changed into R1000 cash sponsor just to be more practical with hand out at Gariep. Roughly 40 x 14’s confirmed their attendance of our second National event, first week in October 2017. That is double than last year and we expect the number to grow.

At this stage I would like to mention that Harold and Ria will take leadership in Gariep regarding all various activities, starting points and instructions to make sure we have a pleasant weekend by communicating properly and smooth instructions from one member only.

Branding/t shirts, number graphics

In charge of branding, is Christo Jordaan. He came a long way from nothing to t-shirts, number graphics and our allocated numbers and the design there off. Thank you, Christo.

We are going to have shirts available again, but this time more economical, practical via our online shop on the website. We will keep you posted regarding the process.

Also, the event badge, this time in red, will be available online, but keep in mind to qualify for this badge your minimum requirement is to do the Saturday morning breakfast run around the Gariep dam.

We already see the number graphics and allocated numbers in action. Members are starting to put names to faces and to meet new people all around the country. A vision I had since I started the website in 2008.

I could not believe how the allocated number graphics would bring the group together and build, just fantastic results.

Important notice:  Please do not create a back patch for a waistcoat from the graphics.  The Kawasaki 1400 Owners Group is not a club.  With respect to clubs all over South Africa and the process of becoming a full patch member please do not put the graphics on the back of your waistcoat!

Other zx14 groups

As you are aware, there are other 14 groups existing, either mostly on FB or else. As you are aware,

Some of our members do belong to these groups, which is their full right to do so, but keep in mind we are the group since 2008 and in relationship with Kawasaki SA since and in relationship with various dealers. Also, keep in mind to safe guard our own branding like numbers and t-shirts and be 

aware not to copy or allow others to copy our proud branding and don’t mix up our branding with other groups out there.

There are several reasons for other 14 groups of which some of those 14 Owners are not in good standing with us (Information from our members and my own experience).

I understand that one of these non-affiliated groups also make use of a number system.

Also, know very well that I am the first one to refrain from politics in our group and I am not ashamed to mention that our SA people are well known for their politics all around from sport institutes to churches. We stay away from it! I will simply prevent these types of politics even if we must get rid of culprits, as simple as that. At this stage a beautiful structure and effort is in place for us to enjoy and to build on.

Income statement

I want to publish for you an income and liability report. To do this, I must rely on Irene (my Partner, full time salaried) to assist me in creating the xls. files accordingly. I really hope to have this document available shortly. In short, liabilities are sms communication, web hosting including email account.

Newsletter subscription

Although there are hundreds of newsletters on the website since 2008, this is our second newsletter since allocated numbers and proper data sheet as we are currently existing.

As with the whats app forum, since our first newsletter, members already unsubscribed to the newsletter and which is their full right to do it, but keep in mind this is our valuable means of communication to keep you updated. What I find is when a member subscribed he or she will call me afterwards to get information and I must reinvent the wheel for the unsubscribed members thereby wasting some serious office time and in addition those people will not visit the website for necessary information like the events calendar.

Different poles/surveys

I will from time to time publish links towards various surveys on the website for the whole purpose of retrieving your input into the group to make things more pleasant for all of us.

I started with the K1400 Owners SA CLASSIFIEDS survey whats app forum which is in existence since the chat forum.

Events calendar/natural runs

At this stage the group as the following set events:

National Breakfast runs (Last year we hosted two. Buddies allowed)

National exclusive K1400 Owners SA annually Gariep Dam fixed weekend in October.

Cape Town Meet and Greet at Stikland Driving Range 6 May 2017 from 14:00

And very gladly our natural runs that happens often by members taking lead in getting these runs done. This natural result, is most probably after the National Annual event the best thing that can happen in the group. Yes, we do have now a structure, some events and planning, but now we must keep you busy and honestly not easy for all of us to do so. I just like the idea that members take initiative and end up with good enjoyable times with other members. Please keep on doing that. I think members will fall in naturally when and where possible. We don’t mind the other odd make/type of bike in between (buddies), because lately the amount of 14’s together is getting the attention it should and no other makes and models. After all it’s about the 14’s.

320 club

Ok, I am not ready yet!

This is the way I am going to do it, but I am not there yet. My goal is the end of May 2017.

I am busy to rely on a friend of mine to right us a branded android app just for this 320-club effort.

The reason being that I want this whole 320 club to run automatically and electronically and the app will enable us to do so. Right now, I am still negotiating the fees and time frame with this friend of mine. I hope that fees will not restrict me in getting this application done.

In short, the application will report your speed to me via an email once you entered the app with your member allocated number. I will then accordingly act with a certificate response and or a list from highest to lowest speeds in the 320 club.

Website ads/sponsors/partner

Besides the National Gariep Event sponsors (as per events calendar on the website), we are still busy to get more sponsored prizes for this Gariep event.  Currently I am in meeting with Chris Speight CEO Kawasaki SA to discuss our National Event and hope to inform you regarding the results very soon.  There are other possible prizes in the pipeline from various members trying to confirm the sponsored prizes.

If you want to assist in getting more sponsored prizes for our event, please feel free to do so.

Thank you so much to members already involved in obtaining prizes and to members who contributed towards sponsored prizes.

We also have partners. The Wrapping Pig is a paid-up business listing on our website and is contributing R600 for the set space given to him on the website. This is his details and where possible, he is supporting us and needs your support in reciprocation.

Also, I have available business listing space and advertisement space for such a low affordable prize and all helping to maintain the group including the website. What about your own business? You can submit your business information here:

Keep in mind, the website is huge worldwide and not only in SA. The visitors towards our website is just excellent from all over the world. It’s not like the FB pages restricted to friends and family, it goes way wider.

Business Listing = R600 per year.

Advertisement space front home page = R600 per year until such time we change or alter the fees.

Currently we have partners in the name of JR Racing, Mark Alexander. Wrapping Pig and Suspensiontech.

Our K1400 Owners SA Whats App Group Forum

I hope not to keep you busy with boring stuff, but this forum is the most pain in the ass, but with that said the totally opposite is also true and that is that this group forum on Whats App has done more good than bad for us! The forum must stay, sure thing!

Let me try and explain the situation:

The forum is our binding tool besides the website and newsletters.  Members, including me, do the trouble to recruit other 14 Owners into our proud group.  We ask the new member to submit the application on the website and to pay the R100 once of fee and get number allocated and then only add this new member to the whats app group forum. The same as all of you did in the past.  So here is the thing, we recruit, we do effort, we are proud and suddenly member left the group and gone is that valuable office time invested.

Experience has released the following reasons for members leaving the group:

  • They really don’t know where the MUTE button is.
  • The don’t have time to follow the conversations on the forum, way too much.
  • And lastly but the most leaving for the type of contents that goes around in the forum.
  • One member left because he told me he wants to ride bike and he wants to talk “kak”, quoted exactly his text to me.

As you are aware, and indicated as part of the membership application, we constantly remind members to keep our forum clean from negativities like politics, profanity, bad, really under the belt sick jokes, bad language, videos etc. etc.….

I, personally lost a 14 friend of mine who sticked to me and the 14-group effort since 2008. He left the forum. I am not happy with this at all. I really lost him. He was a 14 owner who always attended events and supported me. He is also a man in faith and religion like all of us on this forum.

Here is another thing. Some members open the day with a beautiful religious message and the very next post will be a member posting a video or material with bad language or for that matter sick joke or whatever bad material? How do you explain the result?  It’s like members don’t know where to draw the lines!

Of course, we like humour, of course we are adult, of course we are religious. Of course, we may be erotic more or less, but I am not a preacher, nor a teacher to school or educate you in these matters and of course I don’t have the time to play teacher regarding these types of topics.

However, I am regularly tested and I must take a stand because members expect me to take stand because the whole 14 group was founded by me. They expect me to maintain values.  Members constantly approach me privately and will tell me their non-acceptance of some material posted on the forum. Most members won’t react the same on the forum, they will rather call on me and want me to address the bad material on the forum.

In short, no, I am not going to do this anymore by constantly reminding members to keep the forum 14 related.  14 related means family, events, maintenance, religion, nice girls and men, jokes etc., but don’t think or make the mistake by excepting if a Lady Owner on this forum rides a 14, she will accept your non-respect for the female sex.  I lost a lady owner just to this reason only. It may be the opposite for other Lady Owners, but don’t just accept. Don’t accept what material/media is good for you is good for others!  Think what you post and keep all others into consideration.

In other words, know where to draw a line regarding media/material that you post.

In includes audio snips, videos and pictures with adverse consequences.

Refrain from type of messages like:” warning, please forward to all” etc.

Media material gets duplicated unnecessary, check beforehand please.

 Now that we tried to explain the difficult situation I am in, please understand and help to build forward.

Don’t stop now to participate, just be considerate and try to define and balance your media.

Refrain from repeating material/media and refrain from making another YouTube channel.

If you MUTE the forum, all is good, but please keep yourself updated via the website instead of me repeating information to individuals. Same goes for members who unsubscribe from newsletters. I don’t want to and I don’t have the time to repeat information to individuals.

I am not the alfa and omega, I have my mistakes, my don’ts and my likes. Me too like humour, like the opposite sex, but we must keep topics where they belong. I believe in simple basics and believe in what’s beautiful not to be damaged by the opposite.

With the above said I hope to reach the goal of solutions. Also, we can activate more forums, but I just don’t know who is going to administrate that forums. We may have sub forums provincial wise and the national forum for what’s it supposed to be. 

We don’t want sub provincial politics and no proper control. We don’t want sub forums while they publish different standpoints to the National Forum.

I would rather accept Provincial Leadership to be in control of any sub forums. Surely we will keep on discussing this topic.

Kind regards from all of us in the group.


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Brendan de bruyn
2017-10-23 11:25:53  
Goeie dag het gister andre ontmoet in hartebeespoort Hy gese ek moet op die page gaan kyk en hom skakel kan ek dalk n directe nommer van hom kry dankie geseende dag verder brendan  
2017-05-02 13:22:54  
Baie goed gestel Freddie kan dit nie beter stel nie  

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