Membership Application

Please submit this document to apply for your ZX14 Owners Association of SA membership.

The following INDEMNITY is also included:

I, the undersigned, do hereby declare; 

I understand that any form of motorcycling is potentially dangerous and that participation in and/or presence at the motorcycling or associated event as organized by the ZX14 Owners Club of SA is potentially dangerous. 

I hereby indemnify the club, its agents, employees, members and persons for whom it is vicariously liable for against all or any claims which may arise from injuries, losses and/or damages (including but not limited to consequential damages) sustained by me or any person on or in the vehicle or any other person participating in or present at the motorcycling or associated event as organised by the Club. The injuries, losses or damages contemplated shall include, but shall not be limited to, injuries or losses arising out of participation in or being present at a motorcycling or associated event. The definition of  a person shall include, but not be limited to, a member, family member, guest or invitee of a member; and shall also include the non-members participating in or present at the motorcycling or associated event. 

This indemnity shall also extend to any negligent or wrongful acts or omissions carried out by the Club, its agents, employees, members and persons for whom the Club is vicariously liable, in the organization of the motorcycling or associated event.

You will be asked at the bottom of the application to mark the above indemnity as read by you!

ZX14 Owners Association SA MEMBERSHIP

The ZX14 Owners Association of SA Committee cordially invites you to become part of the growing number of members of our association country wide in SA.

The ZX14 Owners Assocciation of SA exists as a means of enjoying safe yet stimulating riding experiences.  It also provides a social forum for members to interact with like-minded  ZX14 owners.

The ZX14 Owners Association of South Africa is open to anyone who owns a Ninja Kawasaki ZX14 and passion with similarly-minded individuals.

Association membership has the following benefits:

Meet and interact with people that share the same interests and motorcycling passion

       Provincial Breakfast Runs.

        Monthly group rides 

        Join longer trips across the country

        Participate on an active club forum

        Attend training and track days

        Discount on selected goods at certain dealers

Our vision is "shared riding pleasure" with the mission "to foster fellowship, through the safe, supportive and responsible riding and enjoyment of the Ninja Kawasaki zx14, in a courteous manner" and thereby have the following objectives: 


Attract ZX14 Owners riding members to join the ZX14 Owners Association of SA

Retain existing members

Use a procedure of welcoming new members and friends

Our charity project with Solidariteit 


Facilititate interaction between group members on a social and mutually supportive basis

Encourage families to participate in group activities

Charity: our current Solidariteit project Education Bursary 


Provide / organise rider competency training

Foster the use of protective rider clothing and equipment

Provide / organise training in all appropriate related areas

Ensure safe group-riding practices 

Hold up

Provide a communication base to create a community of members

Maintain existing internal communication structure including a notice board

Migrate to e-mail and internet medium to service members

Facilitate co-operation with existing Kawasaki Dealerships in SA

Encourage members to be active in group activities 


Maintain superior standards in all group activities

Run group administration on sound business principles

Support fellow riders in need 


Organise a full calendar of rides and other interesting events

Link into 3rd party ride event organizers 


Be of assistance to fellow road users in the case of need or emergency

Comply with the rules of the road in all practicable ways

The annual membership for ZX14 Owners Association Members currently amounts to R100-00. This is a once off contribution per person. Your member number will be issued accordingly and the number is for life.

ZX14 Bank Account Detail:




Spaar/Savings 1267395158

Tak/branch 470010


Promoting safe riding, responsibility and law abiding, yet daring and exciting motorcycle riding are just some of the objectives of The ZX14 Owners Association of SA. This enhances the broadening of motorcycle friendships, exchanging knowledge, opinions, technical competency and the sharing of experiences.

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