K1400 Owners SA Classifieds Whats App Forum

K1400 Owners SA,

Currently we have two whats app forums namely the more general/chat one called K1400 Owners SA and we also have another one activated since which is the K1400 Owners SA CLASSIFIEDS.

The idea is that we dont want to chocke our chat forum with classifieds information, but we also experience members dont distinguish between the two forums and post anyway while we would like to keep our forum, clean and smooth running.

Its been proved and past experience indicated the classifieds forum is a valuable tool for our 14 community.

We also experienced members who did belong to the classifieds forum, remove themselves from the classifieds forum and dont want to be bothered by that.

So, I would like to survey who wants to be added to the classifieds forum too while also active on our normal chat forum.

Please be so kind and submit your opinion.

Thank you.





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